News Library News: Fall 1995

Here is the latest addition to the News Library News archive:

News Library News: Fall 1995 (Vol. 18 No. 1)

U.S. Newspaper Program Toasts A Decade, Plans Project Conclusion by Julie Bolding
The Aside Bar by Linda Henderson
Notes From The Chair by Charlie Campo
People by Catherine Kitchell
Free Books Lead To New Patrons At USA Today Library by Bruce Rosenstein
Public Broadcasting’s Belt Tightening and Other New Challenges by Kee Malesky
New Photo Keyword List Developed By Tribune Newspapers…list distributed by John Jansson
Edmonton Sun Library Takes A Bath
New Library Jobs On The Web by Pete Basofin
Vormelker-Thomas Student Award Applicants Sought by Catherine Cino
News Division Annual Awards Nominations Sought
1996 News Division Awards Banquet
Whaddya Mean You’re Not Open? I Used To Come In Here All The Time!” by Marcia MacVane
Results Of Informal Staffing Survey by Carolyn Edds
Investigative Reporters And Editors To Meet In Providence
In Memoriam: Sylvia Frisch by Bob Jansen

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