The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Research Credit Policy

(Based on The Palm Beach Post policy)



How and when to include a Researcher as a story contributor.

Researchers' names should be included in the credit lines at the end of stories:



Staff researcher Nisa Asokan contributed to this story.
Staff researchers Sharon Gaus and Richard Hallman contributed to this story.

The following staff writers and researchers contributed to this report:

David Bennett, Dan Chapman, Jingle Davis, Henry Farber, Joshua B. Good, Jennifer Ryan, Steve Visser, Stacy Shelton, Ernie Suggs, Maurice Tamman, Alice Wertheim and Dana Tofig

Sources: World Almanac 2001, Legal Information Institute, Cornell University, research by JONI ZECCOLA / Staff/ CHUCK BLEVINS / Staff

Q&A on the News:
--- Contributing: Sharon Gaus

A current list of NRS Researchers:
Nisa Asokan, Sharon Gaus, Richard Hallman, Jennifer Ryan, Alice Wertheim, Joni Zeccola


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Posted on 11/27/01
Amy Disch