News Research Credit Policy at the Virginian-Pilot

Recognizing News Researchers with Printed Credits

Important contributions made by News Library staff to stories, graphics and projects should be acknowledged by tag line credit.

Reporters, editors or designers evaluate the contribution made to a story, with input from news researchers, and assign credit as warranted.

The form for credit will be:

Compiled by Virginian-Pilot News Researchers.

News Research staff contributed to this report.

News Researcher *_______ _________ contributed to this report. 
*Names to use: Diana Diehl, Peggy Earle, Ann Kinken Johnson, Kimberly R. Kent, Maureen Watts.

(Do not use "Staff Librarian", or "Virginian-Pilot library staff")

Tag line credit is reserved for significant contribution to an article or project, not just fact checking or routine research. Examples appropriate for credit:

* Compilation of information for timelines, chronologies, fast fact boxes, charts

* Visual elements requiring special research

* Crucial, informative statistics

* Series of phone inquiries or Prof-Net queries usually made by reporters

* Background information or articles of special merit containing pertinent information, analyses, leads to additional sources (from online and Internet resources)

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Posted on 12/04/01
Amy Disch