SLA Update: Monday

The Special Libraries Association Annual Conference is filled with lots of News Division goodness. I’ve spent lots of time in News Division sessions, hanging out in the suite, and catching up with our fellow News Division colleagues.

The Denver Post tour last night was terrific. Their new digs are gorgeous. I think we spent more time talking on the 10th floor balcony than we did touring the library, oohing and aahing over its index cards and old photos. Thanks to our colleagues there for hosting us!

Afterward, I walked up the capitol and stood on any number of steps that might or might not be exactly one mile above sea level.

The Future of News Libraries session yesterday might be my favorite session so far. We’re in times of great change and we need to learn how to adapt and cope. Learning what our colleagues have been through was inspiring. Nora Paul’s review of technology and images was fabulous.

I know quite a few of you are really eager to find out what’s happening at the conference. I’ve got too many balls in the air right now to do an adequate job of covering everything in real time, but I hope to be able to post notes here and on j’s scratchpad eventually.

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