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What's New?
January 2012

In late May 2011, Carolyn Edds started converting this site to a Wordpress blog. Unfortunately she fractured her elbow several weeks later which greatly delayed the process.

Since then, SLA has required, with a December 2011 deadline, that all divisions move their Web site to the SLA server using Wordpress. Former News Division Web Mistress Alice Pepper is mostly responsible for putting together the site on the SLA server so much thanks to her for all the time she spent doing that. To find current information about the SLA News Division, visit that Web site at http://news.sla.org

This site will remain and will be devoted to the history of news libraries. New old information will be added. That's to say, this site will be updated with historical content. This site will continue to be converted to Wordpress for better navigation as well as for the blog aspect to update you on what has been added.

Please pardon the dust both here and on the SLA server as we move forward with redesigns in both places.

Send questions or comments to Carolyn Edds at ufriverat@gmail.com

Thanks to the University of North Carolina's Ibiblio for providing us a home on the Web.

Last update 01/20/12
Carolyn Edds