Intercontentintal Network for Peace and Solidarity

Intercontinental Network por Pax y Solidarite

Network Intercontinentale pour Paix et Solidarité

Intercontintental Network for Peace and Solidarity

The Intercontinental Network for Peace and Solidarity was created in March 2001 at Grenoble, France. It gathers two French associations: the Ecole de la Paix - Grenoble (research, training and action for peace culture and non-violence centre) and Aide à l'Enfance Tibétaine (association encouraging education in order to help Tibetan refugees back to Tibet).

The specificity of this transverse network of international solidarity is to regroup NGO representatives from three countries, each of them symbolizing a continent:

having the following characteristics in common:

  • Daily experiencing systematic violation of human rights.
  • Not being supported efficiently by UNO.
  • Confronted with a situation of emergency and researching peace.
  • Using non-violent means, whenever possible.

These three NGOs are
ACPC logo

Association des Cadres Pénitentiaires du Congo (ACPC)
- DR Congo
Represented by Laurent Kantu Lumpungu

APSCP logo

Asamblea Permanente de la Sociedad Civil por la Paz (APSCP)
- Colombia
Represented by Inés De Brill

TCHRD logo

Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD)
- Tibet
Represented by Ugyen Tsewang

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