NC Sports Annotated Topical Bibliography

Wildlife in North Carolina. Edited by J. Dean and L.S. Earley.
An excellent compilation of wildlife, hunting, and travel destinations in North Carolina. Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press, 1987. ISBN 0-8078-1751-1

Adler, John Morel. The Hunt Out of the Thicket.
Short stories focusing on hunting and fishing along the Georgia coast and in the South Carolina lowcountry. Published in North Carolina. Chapel Hill: Algonquin Books, 1990. ISBN 0-945575-06-8

Bailey, W. 50 Years of Hunting Wild Turkeys.
A wonderful history of hunting wild turkeys in North Carolina. Delmont, Penn.: Penn's Woods Products, 1983.

Barr, B.D. Big game hunting in Alaska, Arizona, and North Carolina.
A must read for hunting enthusiasts. Includes a section on big game hunting in North Carolina. Elizabethton, Tenn.: B.D. Barr, 1982.

Beach, R.E. Oh, Shoot! Confessions of an agitated sportsman.
The first portion of this entertaining book describes wild-fowl hunting on the North Carolina outer banks. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1921. LOC 21-15703

Beard, Ross E. Jr. Carbine: The story of David Marshall Williams.
The story of a genius in gun making who holds 52 patents and whose weapons the Carbine War used in World War II. A true genius who lead a troubled life including stints in jail provides a reminiscences about his life. A must read for gun and hunting enthusiasts. Carbine is a legend to North Carolina history. Lexington, S.C.: The Sandpaper Store, Inc., 1977. LOC: 76-20847

Conoley, W. N. Waterfowl Heritage: North Carolina decoys and gunning lore.
A superb history of the Albemarle and Pamlico section. A must read for any hunting enthusiast. Wendell, N.C.: Webfoot, 1982. ISBN 0-9610358-1-1

Dean, Jim. Dogs that Point, Fish that Bite.
A series of superb columns over the past 17 years on hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor pursuits written in North Carolina. A superb read for the outdoor sportsman. Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press, 1995. ISBN 0-8078-2234-5

Fleckenstein, H.A. Southern decoys of Virginia and the Carolinas.
A great addition to any literature collection on hunting in the Carolinas. Exton, Penn.: Schiffer Publishing, 1983. ISBN 0-916838-86-2

Gasque, Jim. Hunting & Fishing in the Great Smokies.
Guide to where, when and how to fish and hunt in the Smokies. Great anecdotes and fishing stories. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1948.

Henderson, D. Spook and Other Stories: Tales of a Bird Dog.
A superb book written by a lover of dogs and an avid sportsman. This book forms a trilogy of outdoor hunting books. Great stories and great reading about hunting dogs. New York, N.Y.: Lyons & Buford, 1995. ISBN 1-155821-402-X

Henderson, D.H. Covey Rises and Other Pleasures.
An excellent book about hunting and fishing in North Carolina. Clinton, N.J.: Amwell Press, 1983. LOC 83-70177

Henderson, D. H. On Point: A Bedside Reader For Hunters and Fishermen.
A superb series of hunting and fishing stories told and written by an avid outdoorsman. Clinton, N.J.: Wenchester Press, 1990. ISBN 0-8329-0470-8

Henderson, D.H. Sundown Covey.
Another great book on hunting and fishing in North Carolina. Clinton, N.J.: Amwell Press, 1986. LOC 85-70763

Hunnicutt, S.J. Twenty years of hunting and fishing in the Great Smoky mountains.
A must read for hunting and fishing enthusiasts with a flair for the Smokies. Knoxville, Tenn.: Newman & Co., 1926.

Marks, Stuart. Southern Hunting in Black & White: Nature, history and ritual in a Carolina community.
One of the best books written on southern hunting and outdoor sports. Examines the ecology of hunting. Centered in Scotland Co., N.C. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 1991. ISBN 0-691-09452-7

Schullery, P. The Bear Hunter's Century.
Covers bear hunting in Wilks County, N.C. Harrisburg, Penn.: Stockpole Books, 1988. ISBN 0-8117-0209-X

Smith, Brian. Samworth Books: A Descriptive Bibliography.
This bibliography is a monumental effort to describe the more than 70 books published by Thomas G. Samworth and the Small Arms Technical Publishing Company. Mr. Samworth divided his time between North and South Carolina to produce some classics in the field of outdoor technical books. Samworth is to technical sports books as Derrydale is to collectable outdoor sporting books. A complete set of his books can be found in the Francis Marion (James Rogers) Library in Florence, S.C. No researcher in outdoor sports can claim credibility unless they review Samworth's publications. Luke, Md.: The Marksman's Bookshelf, 1990. ISBN 0-9626820-9-8

Taylor, J. M. Hunting Grounds in Virginia and North Carolina.
A publishing done for the Southern Railway showing the different hunting grounds in Virginia and North Carolina. New York: C. G. Crawford, (Printer and Stationer), 1894.

White, F. "The Carolina sportsman" cookbook.
An enlightening compilation of recipes for any Carolina hunting and fishing enthusiast. Greenville, N.C.: National Printing Co., 1977.

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