NC Sports Annotated Topical Bibliography

Bisher, Furman. With a Southern Exposure.
a collection of columns paying homage to major sports events in the south including the Black Sox Scandal, the Masters and Big Thursday. Intro. by Bing Cosby. New York: Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1962. 62-8215

Browning, Wilt. Saying Good-bye: Final Tributes to Great Sports Figures and Others.
Poignant memoirs of ACC and national sports figures including Len Bias, Wallace Wade, Bob Waters and Pete Maravich. Asheboro, N.C.: Down Home Press, 1991. ISBN 1-878086-08-1

Easterling, Don. What Did You Get From Christmas?
The former N.C. State swimming coach shares more than 20 years of personal memoirs and meanings of the holiday season. A good book covering swimming in North Carolina. Whispering Pines, N.C.: Scots Plaid Press, 1989.

Fischer, J.V. Horseback Riding.
Photos of Horses and riding events in North Carolina. Charlotte, N.C.: Delmar Publishers, 1981.

Staff, The Charlotte Observer. Bee-lieve it! The Charlotte Hornets' Drive to the NBA Playoffs.
Heroics and headlines of The Charlotte Hornets' efforts to reach the NBA playoffs. Kansas City, Mo.: Andrews and McMeel, 1993. ISBN 0-8362-8045-8

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