NC Sports Annotated Topical Bibliography

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The author, a former Athletic Director at Guilford College, is an early pioneer on sport law and risk management. Charlottesville, VA: The Michie Company, 1975.

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The author, a former coach and athletic director at Guilford College, writes his first text book after conducting risk reviews across the country. Charlottesville, VA: The Michie Company, 1970.

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An essential guide for college athletic administrators. A thorough appendix includes sample medical history forms, an agreement to participate and an operations check-list. Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press, 1993.

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Update of the 1970 title: Athletics and the Law. Charlottesville, Va.: The Michie Company, 1978.

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Covers topics ranging from an athlete's rights under the American Disabilities Act and an athletic director's risk for playing athlete's with missing organs. Charlottesville, VA: The Michie Company, 1983.

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Paperback guide designed for physical education instructor's and principals on the junior high level. St. Paul, Minn.: West Publishing Co., 1984.

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Update of the author's 1975 book Athletics and the Law. Charlottesville, VA: The Michie Company, 1980.

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Charlottesville, Va.: The Michie Company, 1985.

Cady, Edwin. The Big Game: College Sports and American Life.
The author proposes nothing short of religion and war to bring a community of people together better than the "Big Game." Cady, a Duke professor, speaks on his role as faculty athletic representative in the Big 10 and ACC. An excellent overview explaining the nature of "The Big Game" and it's consequences on sport. Knoxville, Tenn.: University of Tennessee Press, 1978. ISBN 0-87049-254-3

Lumpkin, Angela, Sharon K. Stoll and Jennifer M. Beller. Sport Ethics: Applications for Fair Play.
Three chapters are devoted to establishing the basis for moral reasoning in sport. Topical discussions provide for putting ethical theory into practice within sport settings. St. Louis, Mo.: Mosby, 1995. ISBN 0-8016-7731-9

Neal, Patsy. Sport and Identity.
Psychological approach to performance and participation at all levels of sport. Includes a chapter devoted to ethics. Philadelphia, Penn.: Dorrance & Company, 1972. ISBN 0-8059-1671-7

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