NC Sports Annotated Topical Bibliography

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A collector's catalog dealing with archery equipment sold in Pinehurst, N.C. Bristol, Conn.: Horton Manufacturing Company, 1932.

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Olympic participant and noted long distance runner who resides in North Carolina. One of the greatest women runners in US history. This book covers her Olympic performances and other marathons. New York: Alfred Knopf, 1987. ISBN 0-394-55457-4

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A collection of favorite recipes from famous Tar Heel athletes and other from the Chapel Hill area. A unique contribution to the sport literature of North Carolina. Dallas, TX: Taylor Publishing Company, 1988. ISBN 0-9620949-0-0

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Guide book tour through the various towns of North Carolina. Originally compiled by the FWP in 1939. Columbia, S.C.: The University of South Carolina Press, 1988. ISBN 0-87249-605-8

Fuller, Lyndon. This One's About the ACC (Joke Book).
Compilation of jokes from ACC alumni around the country, including bumper stickers and diplomas with spoofs on all eight schools. Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press, 1982. ISBN 89089-250-4

Hall, C. Southern Rock: A Climber's Guide.
Covers rock climbing sites in the North Carolina Mountains. Charlotte, N.C.: East Wood Press, 1981.

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An excellent guide to diving in the graveyard of the Atlantic particularly off the shore of the beautiful beaches of N.C. Chapel Hill, N.C.: Marine Grafics, 1976.

Hollingsworth, L.H. God goes to Football Games: A Book of Uncommon Prayers.
A book of prayers which have been said at athletic events, football games, and other special events by the author. A unique book making a unique contribution. High Point, N.C.: (Private Publishing), 1973.

Johnson, R. Southern Snow: The Winter Guide to Dixie.
Skis and skiing in North Carolina plus winter ski resorts. Boston, Mass.: Appalachian Mountain Club, 1987. ISBN 0-910146-62-4

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An excellent guide to rock climbing in North Carolina. Chapel Hill, N.C.: Earthbound Books, 1987.

McDowell, Robert and Ann George, ed. Jim Valvano's Guide to Great Eating.
The former N.C. State basketball coach compiles his best (largely Italian) recipes. Also features suggested four course meals (and their recipes) from the Triangle's finest restaurants. Cary, N.C.: JTV Enterprises, 1984. LOC 84-62587

Merrick, Bob. Clear From The Crease: The whos, whys and wheres of All-America Lacrosse.
Explanations of how the author makes his yearly All-America selections. Contains All-American teams and honorable mention selections from 1967-1982. Highlights UNC's 1981-82 teams. The Lacrosse Foundation, 1982. LOC 82-084397

Meyer, Dan and Diane Meyer. To Know by Experience: Outward Bound North Carolina.
Pictorial. Morganton, N.C.: Artcraft Press, 1973.

Ronald McDonald House. Tar Heels Cooking for Ronald's Kids.
The voice of Tar Heel athletics Woody Durham organized this project; the first to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House on the college level. Includes recipes from the 1957 and 1982 NCAA Championship teams as well as the entire university community. Chapel Hill, N.C.: Ronald McDonald House of Chapel Hill, 1988. ISBN 0-9620949-0-0

Simpson, Bland. The Great Dismal: A Swamp Memoir.
A historical, anecdotal look at the Great Dismal Swamp on the Virginia-N.C. border. The author, an English professor at UNC-CH, combines written, oral and natural history with personal experience to profile one of the East Coast's last great wildernesses. Chapel Hill, N.C.: University of North Carolina Press, 1990. ISBN 0-8050-2535-9

Simpson, B., and M. Simpson. Wilderness is Where You Find It.
A superb addition to any collection. Great coverage of wildlife areas in North Carolina. Chapel Hill, N.C.: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 1988. ISBN 0-912697-89-X

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A list of recipes and meals that the late Jim Valvano enjoyed along with recipes from some of his fans. Cary, N.C.: JTV Enterprises, 1984. LOC 84-62587

White, F. "The Carolina Sportsman" Cookbook.
An enlightening compilation of recipes for any Carolinian hunting and fishing enthusiast. Greenville, N.C.: National Printing Co., 1977.

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