Posted December 3l, l995

Post Office deliveries during this holiday period are slow and unreliable so beginning today, please complete the registration form below and send it online to You will receive confirmation by return posting and will pay your registration fee at the door on your first conference day.

If you need help arranging housing for your conference stay, please call Jenefer Ellingston at 202.546.0940. There are very few host homes available, but Jenefer can refer you to moderately priced commercial and Quaker facilities and also a conveniently located youth hostel.

We are also adding a section with transportation information. Please check the Web Page index.

Registration Form for TP'96 - Round Two

Third Parties `96: Building the New Mainstream
Common Ground Talks, Round Two
January 5-7, 1996
George Washington University - Marvin Center Ballroom
800 21st Street NW, Washington DC

Conference Registration (print out, complete, and send)

Please Print Clearly:

Name ______________________________________________________

E-mail ________________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________________


Phone # ___________________

City _________________________

State ____________ Zip _________________

Party/Organization Affiliation (if any)__________________________________

Registration Fee(s):

1. Full three days $ ________________
Standard - $125
Student/low income - $45

2. One day $ ________________
Standard - $45
Student - $20

I may not attend Round Two but I believe in
TP`96 and want to support the effort with a
contribution. I know this will be used to help
subsidize low income and student conferees.
(Please send as much as you can, up to $l00,
no corporate donations, please) $_________________

Total enclosed $ ________________

Mail the completed form and your check or money order to: Third Parties `96, 4714 Minor Circle, Alexandria, VA 22312.

Your conference confirmation will include local accommodation and transportation information. If you have questions, contact Linda Martin at Phone/Fax: 703.642.5710 E-Mail:

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