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- Spinix 0.9 Released
     Spinix 0.9 has been released and is available for download.  For more information visit the "Distribution" section
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Welcome to the Spinix Operating System Home page.

          Spinix is a new, complete GNU/Linux distribution geared toward ease of use.  Currently, Spinix is still in the beta stage. There has been no official release.  The latest beta release is available for download below.  To find out more about Spinix, including progress on an official release, please go to the 'Distribution' section.

Spinix 0.9 Released.

          Spinix 0.9 has been released and is available for download.  For instructions click here.

 Download the Spinix 0.9 ISO:
Spinix 0.9 ISO  [Source: ftp.ibiblio.org]
Beta testers for Spinix needed ...
We are currently in need of people to beta test the latest Spinix beta release.  If your interested please click here.
For questions or comments about Spinix e-mailspinixhq@ibiblio.org.  For questions or comments about website e-mail chris@mindfreeze.net.
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