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From: Rocky Cherry
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 17:38:10 -0500
Subject: Re: Factory Jet Kit

mm...the drilling is just to drill the caps and pop them off...

the idle mixture screws are underneath...and you adjust those accordingly...

you should expect to pay 55-70 dollars...56 dollars or so from MAW, 69 from
SRAXIS...etc etc...

I bought a factory lower fairing from my kawasaki dealer, for 250's just the lower, not full fairing...but looks good...check out

for pics...and I will have photos and a step by step of the jet kit
installation soon...onthe MODS page..

-----Original Message-----
From: RoMad
Date: Monday, June 08, 1998 5:19 PM
Subject: Re: Factory Jet Kit

>I appreciate you answering in such a
>manner to the
>Jet Kit question. I am thinking about
>factory jets for my '93 but am reluctant
>I am not sure what to do. My only
>experience with
>carbs is taking them out and cleaning
>them. Therefore
>I have a couple questions...
>Bringing out the drill bit, is this just
>to get
>the cap off, or is there another reason
>for the
>drilling? What is under the cap, a
>I was wondering where you ordered the
>jet kit from.
>I saw a ad that Chapparel carries
>factory jet kits,
>but don't know about price and such.
>Could you tell
>me where you got yours and how much I
>should expect
>to pay?
>I was off
>of the list for a couple months due to a
>vacation from my computer so I am not
>sure if there
>is a recent thread to look for answers
>to my questions.
>I appreciate any answers you may have.
>-Mike B.
>'93 EX-500
>ps. where can I get a lower fairing in
>the stock '93
>color scheme? thanks.
>Rocky Cherry wrote:
>> is this stage 1 or 3 ? I assume you got a stage 3 for racing, but I hope
>> this helps anyways...
>> here is a small run-down of my installation of a stage 1:
>> basically, take the carb out of bike, take black caps off top, take
>> diaphragm out and replace stock needles with factory ones...put a clip at
>> the 1st position and 3rd position to start...I did this...but I ended up
>> moving my clips ot the 1st and 2nd because there was a midrange flat-spot
>> and HEAVY low rpm stagger...the top clip is there to keep needle from
>> bouncing, so don't worry about the shim washers...then put back together,
>> making sure not to get diaphragm caught in cap anywhere...if this
>> the bowl will get flooded and plug will foul...don't ask me how I know!
>> then take bottom caps off, and replace the mainjet screw...(in
>> middle)...with the factory ones...most likely 132's..this worked fo
>> then rebuild...there are two coming out of bottom of each of
>> carbs...with a little silver cap inside it...just take a 1/8" or 1/16"
>> and drill it out...being sure not to go too far through...most likely,
>> drilling of the cap will pop it out...but maybe not, so just stick
>> in and pry it out...
>> I just turned the screws closed, then backed them out 2.25 turns...but
>> ended at 3 turns...
>> Also, there are two tubes, one coming from each valve cover, and 1 coming
>> from the airbox, all three joining at an intersection...metal thing, and
>> little tube exiting that pivot, going to the carbs...just PLUG the main
>> coming from the airbox...and plug the hole it went to on the
>> and this blocks all air going through those tubes...
>> that is one thing I couldn't find ANYWHERE in the documentation that came
>> with the damn Factory, anyways...if you don't do will
>> badly ...
>> Hope this helps, my kit only came with the carb-tuning tips and a little
>> sheet with ex500 installation tips...but not and actual run-through...but
>> is easy to figure out...
>> Rock
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>> From: Steve Clark
>> To:
>> Date: Monday, June 08, 1998 8:18 AM
>> Subject: Factory Jet Kit
>> >I went to install a Factory Jet kit last night. I was surprised to NOT
>> >find instructions nor an included drill bit.
>> >
>> >If anyone has the instructions, Please post here or fax to my attention
>> >- 703-448-3861.
>> >
>> >I think I get the gist of all the steps, but I don't know the right size
>> >drill bit to use.
>> >
>> >All help greatly appreciated.
>> >
>> >Steve Clark
>> >WERA/CCS 220Am
>> >

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