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Sent: Thursday, September 03, 1998 1:16 PM
Subject: Gibson racebike for sale

Soooo, who wants to win the 650 or 500 Twins championchip next year????

The GIBSON Racebike is for sale!!!!

If you're not familar with this bike, it's a custom framed racebike built
around the EX500 engine. The bike has raced very successfully the last
couple of years, but it's just time for me and my brother Brad, who
constructed the bike, to get on with our lives and other interests.

As you can see from the specs below, the current motor is a very large
displacement, at 658cc. In the AFM, this motor is legal in either 650Twins
or OpenTwins (but not both on the same day). If someone is interested in
the bike, but would like another motor configuration, we're open to this,
(price on motor work is negociable).

Some pictures of the bike in it's old color scheme (AOD black) and with the
2 into 2 megaphone exhaust can be found at:

Thanks for Michael Moore for keeping these pictures. If you'd like newer
pictures of the bike, let me know,
I'm getting a couple scanned.

The bike currently has a white frame, and red bodywork. It also has a 2
into 1 exhaust which exits under the seat. The bike has only crashed once
in it's lifetime, at Thunderhill into the dirt, and is straight. To give
you some idea of the bike's potential, some notes on it's performance (with
competant riders, not myself ;)

2nd California State Championship '97 (missed a race) John Burden riding
2nd AFM 500 Twins '97 (missed a race) John Burden riding
Sears Pt. Laptimes 500cc 1:55.12 658cc 1:53.37 John Burden
Sears Pt Laptimes 658cc 156.11 Kevin Smith (only second time racing the

Chrome moly frame
GSXR 750 Front end
GSXR Rear end
FOX Shock
3.5Front / 4.5Rear GSXR wheels
658CC motor (currently)
Ported head
Oversize pistons (85mm)
Lightened crankshaft
Balanced motor
Oversize valves (+4mm intake and exhaust)
39mm CR carbs
TZ250 Tail and Fairing
FZR 400 Tank cover

The bike handles like a dream, and John Burden has called it "The best
handling bike I've ever ridden", which says a lot since John worked for
years at a Ducati dealer ;) It's also a really easy bike to work on, it's
a racebike, not a converted street bike.

Best offer over $3,000 takes it. I'd really like to see the bike go to a
good home, to someone who can appreciate it, take care of it, and ride it
to it's potential. I'd prefer it to stay in the AFM, if possible, so I can
come watch it race ;) Reasonable technical support will be provided
happily, as will spares for a couple of the unique items which can be
damaged in a crash.

Kevin Smith has ridden the bike the last couple of races, and will have it
at ThunderHill next weekend. I'll also be there on Sunday to show off the
bike and answer any questions.


Glen Gibson (home) (work)

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