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The available literature on the core texts and commentaries surrounding the Vedanta are vast. Besides Sanskrit, which is the language of the Vedas and of much of the original literature, numerous core texts and commentaries exist in Tamil and various other Indian languages.

Some of these core texts and commentaries have been translated into English of which even fewer are available electronically.

Sripedia, in an attempt to provide a self-study environment to the English reader, is helping to bridge this gap i.e. bringing out related and available information in English into the e-medium.

The Pedia attempts to harness the various types of content into a navigable framework.

In an effort to ensure sustainability, distribution and to accomplish it, Sripedia is leveraging the resources of: to name a few groups that are providing assistance of various forms.

Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) and the Government of India in association with The Million Book Project are actively scanning various works from their collections and placing them online. Please look at Digital Library of India for the actual scans.

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