Swamy Kuresar

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Swamy KurEsar ( KuratthAzhwAn ) is from the village of Kooram , which is not far from Lord VaradarAjan's temple at Kaanchi. He was a wealthy person , who gave a lot to charity . His wife (ANDAL) was a great soul , who supported her husband's philanthrophy with zest as an ideal Saha-dharma-chAriNi .

Swamy KurEsar is also known as SrivatsAnkamisra . He lived from 1010-1116 C.E . He was a very important SishyA of AchArya RaamAnuja ( 1017-1137 C.E). KurEsar was thus 7 years senior to AchArya RaamAnuja and ascended to Parama Padham some 21 years before his AchAryan. KurEsar assisted AchArya RaamAnuja in the writing of Sri BhAshyam . The Five devotional lyrics ( AthimAnusha Sthavam , VaradarAja Sthavam , SrI Sthavam , SundarabAhu Sthavam and Sri Vaikunta Sthavam were bequeathed to us by Swamy KurEsar . These Sthavams are the path breakers for exemplary devotional lyrics as well as rich reources for understanding of the esoteric Sri VaishNavite Tatthvams . The precocious son of KurEsar , Swamy ParAsara Bhattar and Swamy Desikan travelled on the road laid out by KurEsar in composition of the devotional lyrics (SthOtrams) and enriched Sri VaishNavite Literature further .

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  • Parasara Bhattar

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