Yajur Veda:  Pratah  Sandhya Vandanam



Procedure  Notes

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  1. Left hand is kept on the right thigh and then covering it with right palm. Then words conveying our intention is recited as under.
  2. Sri Bhagavadajnaya Sriman NArayana Prithyartham
    Pratah Sandhyam arghyapradaanaM karishhye


  • arghyapradaana ma.ntrasya vishvaamitra R^ishhiH    (head)
  • devi gayathri chhandaH   (nose)
  • savitaa devataa    (chest)
  • arghyapradaane viniyogaH


  1. Stand erect holding tumbler in the left hand between thumb and first finger.
  2. Hold both palms together, separating the thumb of the right hand from rest of fingers.
  3. Take water in both palms - holding palms at the level of the face.
  4. Recite gayathri mantra verbally with sound waves emanating from the mouth; throw the water up in the air, looking at the sun, while doing so the heels of both legs should be raised. (That is arghyam is offered standing on toes). 
  5. Repeat 3 times.

Om bhuurbhuvassuvaH tatsaviturvareNyaM
bhargodevasya dhiimahi dhiyo yonaH prachodayaat.h

Mantra   Step 3

            Mantra    Step 4