Yajur Veda:  Pratah  Sandhya Vandanam


Gayatri aavahanam Notes

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  • "aayatuvarada devi.....gaayatriiM aavaahayaami" Meaning: May Devi  (Sri Devi), the granter of boons come along with Brahman (Supreme Lord). Oh! Gayatri the mother of vedas, make us attain (realise) Brahman. Oh Lord (Sriman Narayana), you are the sustaining force of the whole universe; you are the ordainer of all; you are the source of all strength; you are the source of all brilliance (luminanace); you are the strength of all devas and their names indicate you only (indirectly); you are the universe; you are everything and everything converges in you; I invite (invoke) Gayathri, with due salutations.