Yajur Veda:  Pratah  Sandhya Vandanam


Gayatri Japam

Procedure  Notes

Video download: Gayatri Japam (1m 3secs) 10.8 megs

  1. Before commencing gayatri japam some preliminaries such as Pranayamam, sankalpah, pranayamam or pranayamam mantra japam, gayatri aavahanam should be completed. 
  2. For pratah and madhyanika it is done standing, while for sayam it is done sitting.
  3. The japam is done 10, 28, 108 or 1008 times.
  4. The counting is done in fingers, with thumb moving to different positions to indicate the number. By using right hand for units and left hand for tens we can count upto 100.
  5. The hands for counting should be covered by the upper garment.
  6. The hands are held at neck level for pratah, chest level for madhyanika and navel level for sayam.

    Bur bhuvah svahah
    Tat savitur vareniyam
    bhargo devasya dhimahi
    diyo yo nah prachodyat

    The mantra is in 5 sections, for Sandhyavandanam the first two sections are combined and each of the four sections above should be uttered in one breath.
  7. Reciting a few times correctly with words and pauses will be better than reciting several times incorrectly.

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