Yajur Veda:  Pratah  Sandhya Vandanam


SriRanga Mangala Manim

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  1. shriiraN^ga maN^gaLanidhiM karuNaanivaasam.h
    shriiveN^kaTaadri shikharaalaya kaalamegham.h |
    shriihastishaila shikharojvala paarijaatam.h
    shriishaM namaami shirasaa yadushaila diipam.h || 

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SriRanga Mangala manim Notes
  • Deities installed in our temples are "Archa" forms of the Lord. "Archa Murthys" at Srirangam, Tirumala, conjeevaram and Melkote are classified as "Swayamvakta" forms of the Lord. That is the Lord resides at these places by His self will (not installed by any one) to bless his devotees. One of these tenets of Bhagavan Ramanuja is that every Srivaishnava should remember the Lord at these places everyday. Hence, this hymn has been included in the Sandyavandanam in accordance with the tents of Sri Ramanuja.