nyasa vimsati

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nyasa vimsati


This Stotra of 22 Slokas all in sragdhara metre, stresses several aspects of nyaasa or prapatti not covered by Saranagati Dipika and Nyaasa Tilaka. To start with, the qualifications an acharya should possess are set out in the first sloka. Such a one should be worshipped as if he were God Himself (2). Then the traits the sishya must possess are mentioned in sloka 3. The unflinching and unshakable faith in the efficacy of prapatti which is a vital part in the pursuit of that path is stressed in 7. Slokas 15 and 16 refute some wrong meanings attributed to certain words in the Charama Sloka. Siddhopaya and Saadhyopaya are clearly defined in 17. The stotra concludes with expressing a feeling of a sense of security and fearlessness after a proper performance of prapatti. Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram is the Deity to whom this stotra is dedicated.



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Spelling: Nyasa vimsati Nyaasa Nyasah Nyaasah Vimsathi Vimsatih