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Among the 17 minor rahasyas (monographs) of Vedanta Desika, the pair viz.
Rahasya Ratnavali/Hrdayam is the longest. As its very name suggests, this work
is a gem -necklace consisting of a compendium of' gems' selected from the
sacred Sanskrit and Tamil texts. Rahasya Ratnavali contains the quintessence
ofTattva-traya expressed in very simple Tamil just in 30 simple sentences. ( 10
each for acit, cit, and Eshvara tattvas) while Ratnavali Hrdayam elaborates on
those 30 points. Among the quotations galore, good many are from VP
from Sapthagiri Dec 2002



(18) The Removal of the burden ( Bharam ) from Prapannan
This Paasuram is from Rahasya RathnAvaLi. 
Our AchAryAs , who clearly understand the doctrines of ArTa Panchakam ,
SareerAthma BhAvam and the knowledge aboutSrIman NaarAyaNan being 
the sole means (upAyam ) for our protection instructed us on these doctrines
and placed our AathmAs at His sacred feet.Our Lord out of His infinite compassion
responding to the recommendation of His Divine consort accepted immediately
the responsibilities for protecting us. Ifwe want to gain Moksham today , He is 
willing to bless us with that boon.We willnever have another birth.There is nothing 
for us to do anymore for upliftment ( We will only continue to do our nithya karmAs
assigned to us by our SaasthrAs; beyond that there is nothing to be done for
our upliftment). All the happines and sorrows that come our way during 
the post-prapatthi days are for our benefit (anukoolam).
ArTa Panchakam represents the Five meanings about : (1) EmperumAn 
(2) Jeevan (3) UpAyam for Moksham (4) Phalan of Moksham and (5) the enemy
of that Phalan.
SareerAthmabhAva Sambhandham: The relationship between the Bhagavan as 
the indweller ( AathmA) for the ChEthanam and AchEthanams and the latter two 
serving the SarIram (body) for the Lord.
(19) Prapannan comforting his mind 
This Paasuram is also from Rahasya RathnAvaLi .
Oh My Mind! Our AchAryAs do not seek insignificant fruits ( alpa Phalan).
They can not bear with the sufferings of others and rush to erase those
sorrows .They have placed our AthmAs at the sacrd feet of our Lord for
protection .He has responded speedily and accepted that plea .He will
prevent us from rebirths in the karma bhUmi and assure our stay in 
His eternal abode of SrI Vaikuntam. Oh My Mind! While all these good fortunes 
are coming your way , why are you not happy ? Please listen carefully what 
I am going to say to you that is good for you as long as you are going to 
be here on this karma bhUmi.If you cultivate the thinking that al the kaimkaryams 
done until your body falls down is not in waste , then you will gain the fruits of
kaimakryams in Parama padham will be enjoyed right here .If you perform 
these kaimakryams prescribed by SaasthrAs with sraddhai, then you will not be 
exposed to trespasses like BHaagavatha apachAram. VisEsha Jn~Anam 
will also grow. 
(20)  Criticism of the other SiddhAnthams 
This Paasuram is from Rahasya RathnAvaLi Hrudhayam.
In this rahasyam with 30 sentences , we have described the  essence of 
all VedAnthams.From here on , the distortions caused by other incorrect
philosophies associated with BhouddhAs , JainAs , ChArvAkAs , SaankyAs ,
SaivAs , TaarkikAs will not raise their head.Please incorporate this rahasyam
firmly in your minds and banish your aj~nAnam.
(21) Destruction of the other ( Veda-Baahya) Mathams
This Paasuram is also from Rahasya RathnAvaLi Hrudhayam.
In this world , a mother would only seek the well being of her
son , even if the son hates her.She wont abandon her child.
Similarly , our Lord protects us out of His sahaja (natural)
kAruNyam even if we push Him away .He takes His abode in 
our hearts and protects us from there . Wehave released
in this rahasya grantham the svaroopam and SvabhAvam of 
SarvEswaran as we heard them from our AchAryAs.If any one
who contests our siddhAntham with our AchAryAs as the thorn 
in the flesh , then they will be defeated and will be helpless 
to defend themselves like the helpless fox caught in the middle of 
a great flood.
(22) The tranquility of the mind that has recieved AchAryan's UpadEsam
This Paasuram is also from Rahasya RathnAvaLi Hrudhayam.
Our Lord , who has accepted the responsibility of destroying 
the enmies of His BhAgavathAs has adorned Sudarsana chakram
in His hand for that purpose.For those BhagavathAs , AchAryan performs 
upadEsams  on staying away from committing sins.That helpful AchAryan is to be
recognized as the well meaning Father.The upadEsams on the rahasya
arTams are like the treasures saved for the BhaagavathAs.The mind of 
the Bhaagvathan housing the eight guNams based on the meanings of these 
rahasyams is like his caring , beloved wife.The enemies for that mind are 
SarIrAthma Bramam ( confusion over body and soul) , SvatanthrAthma 
Bramam ( confusion that the jeevAthmA can take care of its own protection).
The 11 Indhriyams under the control of themind are the weapons for 
the destruction of the above two Bramams. 
The descriptions of the 8 guNams of the mind and the 11 Indriyams 
are given in Desika Prabhandha Paasurams 51, 84 and 145).

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