rahasya ratnavali hridayam

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rahasya ratnavali hridayam


Among the 17 minor rahasyas (monographs) of Vedanta Desika, the pair viz.
Rahasya Ratnavali/Hrdayam is the longest. As its very name suggests, this work
is a gem -necklace consisting of a compendium of' gems' selected from the
sacred Sanskrit and Tamil texts. Rahasya Ratnavali contains the quintessence
ofTattva-traya expressed in very simple Tamil just in 30 simple sentences. ( 10
each for acit, cit, and Eshvara tattvas) while Ratnavali Hrdayam elaborates on
those 30 points. Among the quotations galore, good many are from VP
from Sapthagiri Dec 2002



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