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The first Paasuram of the chillaRai rahasyam is on Saara Saaram .
Swamy  Desikan gave this name of "Saara Saaram " since it deals with
the essence of the three most essential subjects to be learned by us
from our AchAryAs during our life time on His earth.

96th Paasuram:  The Purpose of Life
Our AchAryAs out of their DayA for us made it possible for us
to learn within our life time the three rahsyams with their meanings
for our salvation . These AchAryAs , who are celebrated by
the world performed upadEsams on these three rahasyams
( AshtAksharam , Dvyam and Charama slOkam ) in the most
effective manner for us to retain those meanings and enjoy them
as well as benefit from them.

The key passage of this paasuram is : " Desikar kaalam kazhivathan
munnam  karutthu uRak-kaNDidavE nammai vaitthanar" ( Our AchAryas
before the end of our days positioned us to comprehend clearly
the three rahasyams with their quintessential meanings ).

Swamy  Desikan comments that AshtAksharam (Thirumanthiram)
teaches about our Svaroopam to permit us to practise Prapatthi
through Dhvaya manthram. Both manthrams  are like the root and
branch of the same tree (Moolam KiLai yena onRu iraNDu aana).
The third rahsyam is the Lord's Charama slOkam , which without
help of any thing else points out  the unfailing  means for Moksham
and recommeds that upAyam for securing Moksham.Since the Charama
slOkam does not seek anything else for its empowerment , it is saluted
in this Paasuram as a matchless rahasyam without equal or superior
( mEl onRu ilai yena ninRa av-Vithtahan tann urai).



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