saccharitra raksha

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saccharitra raksha


It is a comprehensive exposition of the ritualism of initiation into Sri Vaisnavism. Vedanta Desika treats the subject in the manner of a Mimamsaka.

The work has 3 sections: The 1st is devoted to the theory and practice of marking the body with Visnu's conch and disc. The marking has been suggested to be the sign of one's dedication to God in utter submission of one's being.

The second is a discussion on the application of the urdhva pundra to the different parts of the body. The Urdhva pundra has been shown to be a great sign, suggesting one's eagerness for leading a higher, better and godlier life .

The third prescribes the use of the food offerred by the worshipper to the deity.

The invocation of the deity Dehalisa of Tirukkoilur is an ndication of its composition at Tirukkoilur.` (from Dr. Satyavrata Singh's book)



See Desika Sahasranama 440-477 for a condensed commentary on the Saccaritra Raksha.

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Spelling: Saccharithra Raksha Saccaritra raksha