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This Sri Sookthi has 59 slOkams and Swamy chose the name of SaraNAgathi DhIpikai for this dhivya grantham. Indeed this magnificent and precious Sri Sookthi of our AchAryan is about the central doctrine of Sri VaishNava sampradhAyam (Viz) performance of Prapatthi at the divine feet of dhivya Dampathis; Swamy Desikan spent his life elucidating the importance of SaraNAgathi (Prapatthi Yogam) and elaborated on the doctrines and the dhivya MiTunam (Sri Lakshmi NaarAyaNan) and their united role in accepting the Jeevan's Prapatthi.

The ThirutthaNkA sthala purAnAm states that MahA Lakshmi rose out of the Lakshmi Saras near the temple and embraced Her Lord . As a result of this display of special affection by His PirAtti, PerumAL's Svayam JyOthi shone even more brightly for all to see from those times until now. That Dheepam and its PrakAsam helps us to banish nescience of every kind.

Swamy Desikan was born in the sannidhi street of Sri Maragatha Valli SamEtha Sri ViLakkoLi PerumAl (Thuppul agrahAram) and the sacred light of Dheepa PrakAsan illuminated the mind of infant Swamy Desikan and He became thus Garbha SrImAn . Swamy Desikan went on to strengthen the MaDappaLLI AcchAn SampradhAyam, which is nothing but AchArya RaamAnuja SampradhAyam. Thus, when we participate in NithyArAdhana Kaimkryam for Sri Dheepa PrakAsan and Swamy Desikan , we are indeed celebrating Bhagavath RaamAnuja Darsanam in all its glorious aspects.

Rg Vedam celebrates those , who give pious samarpaNams to Bhagavath -BhAgavatha Kaimkaryam this way:

DakshiNAvathAm idh imaani chithra
dakshiNAvathAm dhivi SooryAsa:
dakshiNAvanthO amrutham bhajanthE
dakshiNAvantha: pra thirantha aayuhu:
Rg Vedam : I.125.6

(meaning): There are matchless and wondeful rewards for those, who give pious donations through their participations in Bhagavath-BhAgavatha Kaimkaryam. For the donors of these gifts, the Twelve Suns shine in the heaven as DhIpams to light their way on earth. These blessed souls attain immortality and prolong their worldly lives (post-prapanna lives) and are examples to others in performing dhArmic duties.

May we become blessed through our "giving" to noble causes like NithyArAdhanam , performance of AdhyayaNOthsavams, Veda PaarAyaNam at the Uhanthu aruLina NilangaL an wherever else PerumAl has chosen to reside.

In this SthOthra grantham , 18 points are highlighted by Swamy Desikan according to Vaikunta Vaasi Sri V.N.Sriraama DesikAcchAr Swamy of blessed memory:

1. The incarnation of Piratti
2. The Supermacy of the Lord over all gods(Para Tatthvam)
3. The importance of the Lord's Six GuNams
4. His primacy in AchArya paramparai
5. His undisputed status as our Sarva Vidha Bhandhu
6. His avathAra rahasyam
7. His wonderful Souseelya GuNam
8. The route of Bhakthi Yogam
9. The glories of Prapatthi Yogam
10. The five limbs of Prapatthi
11. The Post-prapatthi conduct of a Prapannan
12. The two categories of Bhagavath AarAdhanam
13. The significance of Bhaagavatha kaimkaryam
14. The exit of the Jeevan from the body
15. ArchirAdhi Maargam and travel of the Jeevan
16. The status of the Muktha Jeevan in Sri Vaikuntam
17. The seven blemishes to avoid during our stay on earth
18. AvathAram of this SthOthram as the essence of
MahAnasa (MadaipaLLi AacchAn) SampradhAyam .

" ApramEyam hi tatth tEja: " is the Srimath RaamAyaNa
PramANampramANam for the matchless Tejas (JyOthi)
of MahA Lakshmi . This Tejas is acquired by the Lord
through the elevation caused by the union with
MahA Lakshmi.He transforms thus into Dheepa PrakAsan.
She Herself States Her implicit relationship to her Lord
in terms of His JyOthi :

" ananyA RaaghavENAham BhAskarENa PrabhA YaTA "

That most merciful Margagatha Valli ThAyaar
shines as PrabhA for the "Sun " at ThirutthaNkA
dhivya Deesam and helps Him acquire the ThirunAmam of
Sri DhIpa PrakAsan. Sri Maragathavalli ThAyAr is thus
the Svaroopa-Niroopa Vaibhavam for Dheepa PrakAsan.



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