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The Yadavabhyudaya has 24 cantos written in a variety of metres,
suggestive of a variety of ideas and imageries and emotions. It
has been commented upon by Appayya Diksita (16th century) the
celebrated advaitic teacher and philosopher. Its fame as a Mahakavya,
as the tradition goes reached the ears of the then Vijayanagara kings,
and it was acclaimed as a Mahakavya even in the lifetime of the poet.

Canto 1: Description of the Yadu-race on the lines of the Raghu-race
described by Kalidasa.

Canto 2 & 3: Birth of Krishna

Canto 4: Krishna's childhood

Canto 5, 6 & 7: The Govardhana episode, the seasons and the conquest
of Indra.

Canto 8: The Rasa-Lila

Canto 9: The slaying of the demon Kesin and the lamentation of the ladies
of Braja at Krishna's departure for Kamsa's capital.

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