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Dear KrishNa BhakthAs :
On this day after  KrishNa Jayanthi day , when we celebrated the arrival  of
Kutti KaNNan , adiyEn seeks the blessings of Swamy Desikan to share
with you all the greatness of the divine kaavyam of
                     "Yaadhavaabhyudhayam" .
This is Srimath VedAntha Desika Virachitha MahA Kaavyam .
It has been commented upon by Sri Appayya Dikshithar .
The DippiNi for this MahA Kaavyam has been provided by
Abhinava Desika Sri UtthamUr VeerarAghavAcchAr Swamy .
The Nrusimha PriyA Trust has released this Sri Sookthi with
the above content in 1998 .
Sri YaadhavAbhyudhayam is one of the five mahA Kaavyams
bequeathed to us by Swamy Desikan . The Five Kaavyams
of Swamy Desikan are :
(1) Sri YaadhAbhudhya : This covers selected incidents from
th avathAram of BhagavAn Sriman NaarAyaNanan as Lord KrishNa  .
It starts with salutation to the Sri Jayanthi Sambhavan ( First slOkam of
SrI Gopala Vimsathy ):
VandhE BrundhAvanacharam vallavee janavallabham
Jayanthee sambhavam dhAma Vaijayanthee vibhUshaNam
(Meaning): I salute that Divine effulgence named Gopala , who was born on
the Sri Jayanthi day ( day when RohiNi nakshathram is united with Ashtami
tithi ) and roamed in the forests of BrundhAvanam wearing the unfading
garland made of wild flowers of the forest known as Vyjayanthi Maalai .  
This garland was His charactrestric decoration . He enchanted the Gopis
of BrundhAvanam . I salute this illustrious JyOthi
(  for the slOkams of
Sri Gopala Vimsathy of Swamy Desikan )  
At the end of the 24 sargams containing 2,640 slOkams , Swamy Desikan
instructs us on the reasons behind his composition of the Kaavyam of
YaadhavAbhudhaya ( The Last slOkam of YaadhAvAbhudhayam) :
surabhitha-rasamEthath soonrutham VenkatEsa:
vyatanutha Yadhuveera preethim-icchan prabhUthAm
KavikaTaka mrugEndhra: kshEmadham Kaavyarathnam
(meaning): This gem among Kaavyams has been composed by 
the lion among poets and logicians , Sri VenkatEsa Kavi solely   
for the pleasure of  the Yadhu Veeran ( the hero of the Yadhu vamsam ,
Sri KaNNapirAn . This poet , VenkatEsa Kavi has been empowered by
the superior blessings of AchAryAs of blemishless minds , who are totally
devoid  from ajn~Anam . This Kaavya rathnam dealing with the charithram of
Yadhu Veeran will bless every reader with Yoga KshEmam since it is
an abode of true meanings of the eternal Tatthvams .  
There are 2,640 poems in beautiful  as well as rare (Vichithra) metres and
some of the slOkams are set up in the form of Chithra Bhandhams ( Turanga ,
ShOdasa Padhma DhaLam , SarvathOmukha , ardhabramaka and Muraja
Bhandhams) .
Among the 24 Sargams , the First one starts with 100 slOkams and the last one
concludes with 95 slOkams . Right at the middle (  12th and the 13th sargam is
Sri RukmiNi KalyANam with 202 slOkams) .  
Let us look at the content of the individual Sargams now to get an idea of
the genius of Swamy Desikan in organizing content (100 slOkams) divided across
8 sub-themes :
a. Kaavya Arambham / Introduction (SlOkams 1-8 ) starting with
    the First SlOkam of Sri Gopala Vimsathy as Naandhi /Mangala SlOkam
b. Descriptions of Yadhu Vamsa Kings (SlOkams: 9-36)
c. Bhumi Devi's complaint to DevAs about the burden of carrying
    the earth , when Kamsa's injustices were increasing (SlOkams 37-41).
d. DevA's arrival at the MIlky Ocean and  their eulogy of Ksheera Saagara
    NaaTan (SlOkams 42-64 ).
e. Sriman NaarAyaNan's Granting of Darsanam to the DevAs and
    their anubhavam of the  Lord's Soundharyam (Slokams 65-75).
f.  DevA's and Bhumi DEvi's prayer to their Lord to intervene
    to remove Kamsan's injustices  ( SlOkmas 76-02)
g. BhagavAn's assuring response and promise to take avathAram
    as the son of Devaki and VasudEvar of Yadhu Kulam (SlOkams 93-99).
h. BhagavAn's entry in to the garbham of DEvaki at Mathurai (SlOkam 100) .  
adiyEn will highlight individual slOkams from the First Sargam and continue
with the other Sargams . When we reach the 12th Sarga m , adiyEn will cover
fully the Mangala Charithram of Sri RukmiNi KalyANam .
May Sri RukmiNI Kaanthan at ThiruvallikkENi grant His blessings in
this Likhitha Kaimkaryam !
Sri KrishNa ParabrahmaNE Nama:
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil V.Sadagopan   
P.S : The rest of the Four MahA Kaavyams of Swamy Desikan in addition to
YaadhavAbhudhayam are listed for completeness here :     
(2) Sri RanganathA PaadhukA Sahasram (

(3) Sankalpa SooryOdhayam (
(4) Hamsa SandhEsam (
(5) SubhAshitha Neevi .


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