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SrImathE Gopaladesika mahadesikaya namah:

Dearest all,

Let us meditate on the Lotus Feet of Sriya: pathih
Sriman Narayanan and pay obeisance to our Dearest
AzhwAr ThiruppANAzhwAr, whose Thirunakshathram
(Birthday) is today. He needs no introduction to our
group of BhAgawathAs.

His ten verses of Amaladhipiraan is a feast for us to
enjoy. Simple tamil and deep esoteric meanings
Let us enjoy His anubhavam of the Lord?s Lotus Feet. 
In fact, I was just reading an old issue of Sri
Nrusimhapriya a couple of days back, and happened to
find interesting article (from none other than our
present Srimad Azhaigiya singar. His writing made me
enjoy and thus share with all of you. (from June 97
issue) ( I am not capable of writing the translation
of Swami?s writings at all! What I jot down the
extract - a little portion here-  is all that I
grasped and could get them drilled into my head only!)

Emeperumaan's Lotus Feet have been described and
enjoyed by all our PoorvAchAryAs. In
Amalanaadhipiraan, ThiruppANAzhwAr starts from the
Lotus Feet. He enjoys each and every a~ngam of the
Lord in his ten pAsurams, and has been enjoyed by
Periyavaacchaan PiLLai, Azhaigiya MaNavaaLa perumAL
Naayanaar, Swami Desikan et al in their commentaries
on this lovely Prabhandham. 

Generally, the Paramaikaanthins start from the Feet to
the Crown; while the Ekaanthins start from the Head to
the Feet, as BrahmA did during his asvamEtha yaagham. 

1.      It is told by Poorvacharyas that ThirppANAzhwAr
started singing the ten pAsurams (while he was being
carried by LokasAranghamuni on his shoulders, on his
way to Sri RanganAthan sannidhi.) and he finished his
tenth inside the sanctum sanctorum, and united with
the Lord. 

2.      The Lotus flower, blooms only during certain
occasions; depending on the climate, the time
(daytime); some days, it remains fresh; then it loses
its freshness. But this Lotus of our Lord - the Feet
never gets such dhOshams. When the Lord knew that
AzhwAr had already started his course and is on his
way, singing, the Lotus automatically became fully
bloomed and became more fresh. It (the Feet) did not
feel like waiting for the AzhwAr to come. It started
going towards him and went straight to him. AzhwAr,
when he saw the Lotus Feet, (mentally ) approaching
him, he, out of his naicchiyam and humility, felt
ashamed and closed his eyes to avoid spoiling such
Lotus Feet and the Beauty. (not to cat his evil eye on
that Lotus Feet).

3.      But what happened? The Lotus Feet, did not wish to
leave the AzhwAr's eye sight and hence went into his
eyes and showed Their Beauty! (adadaa! Parama kripai
of Emperumaan! How Great the AzhwAr is! ) Thirukkamala
paadham vandhu en kaNNinuLLana okkinRadhE?? vandhu?.
en?. KaNNinuLLana. OkkinRadhE. (I will not translate
further and spoil its beauty!)  

4.      What is so great about Thiruvadi (lotus Feet) They
have both bhAvanam (the ability to alleviate the
dhOshams of those who pay obeisance to Them) and
bhOgyathvam (the ability to offer the delicious
sweetness to those who see and enjoy Them and pay
obeisance to Them). No single thing in the world is
both tasty and has medicinal value. Only the Lotus
Feet of Emperumaan has both aspects. 

5.      Swami Desikan, in his many slOkAs, have enjoyed the
Beauty of the Lotus Feet. PeriyAzhwAr says : At
Aayarpaadi everywhere one can see on the ground, the
marks of Sanghu and ChakrA (the marks on each sole of
Lord's Lotus Feet), since Kutti KaNNan walked His
thaLar nadai.. everywhere having His Lovely footprints
(with sanghu and chakrA). Also he explains, as
YashOdhA, the ten fingers of Kutti KaNNan shine as if
they are impregnated with Pearls, diamonds, Emerald
stones, etc.. 

6.      And These Lotus Feet are not just bhOgyam for
THiruppANAzhwAr, Swami Desikan and PeriyAzhwAr alone;
They are for our enjoyment, too! Not just that. Even
Emperumaan is perplexed as to why all these devotees
and BhAgawathAs look mostly at My Feet and enjoy. What
is so special at My Feet? He wonders and what does He
do? Kutti KaNNan takes the Lotus Feet and the pearl
like shining fingers, with both of His cute short
IN HIS RED CORAL LIPPED PavaLa cchevaay and
Kovvaipaazha idazh (bimbhA fruit like lips). 
PeriyAzhwAr says: pEthaik kuzhavi pidiithuch
chuvaiithu uNNum paadha kamalangaL. VedAs say VishNO:
PadhE paramE madhva uthsE .. thEnE malarum

7.      Thus His Lotus Feet are the BhOgyam for Him and for

Let us pay our obeisance to ThiruppANAzhwAr who has
sung such lovely deep pAsurams enjoying the Beauty of
Emperumaan, and to our Jeer who has highlighted this
first pAsuram so beautifully.

Meanings: (as posted by Sri V.Sadagopan in earlier-)

(Thaniyan #1- Sanskrit): Let me contemplate on
ThiruppAnAzhwAr (MunivAhana, the saint who was carried
to the precincts of the shrine of Lord Ranganatha, by
Lokasaranga muni on his shoulders), whose inner soul
(antaratma) became enraptured at the sight of the
reclining Lord Hari (Ranganatha) betwixt (the two
streams) of KauvEri, and who, having experienced (the
vision of the Lord) from the feet to His head,
declared that his eyes would not see other objects
(except the Lord).

(Thaniyan #2 - Tamizh):Let us sing in praise of the
holy feet of Sri ThiruppANAzhwAr, who entered (the
holy shrine of Lord Ranganatha) riding on the
shoulders of the sage (Lokasarangamuni) saw (the Lord
in full) and sung (in praise of) HIM limb by limb, as
the Lord showed to him, i.e, the Lotus
feet, the silk garment, the navel, the waist band of
rare excellence, the Holy chest, the neck, the red
mouth, (with rosy lips), the eyes of unfading (red
lotus charm) and the (whole divine) Archa form.

1.AmalanAdhipirAn.... He, the Lord VishNu is
blemishless, the foremost God,and the resplendent one
that has made me serve His ardent devotees; He, the
Lord of Nityasuris (celestial, eternal Arch angels)
has taken His abode at the Venkatam hill surrounded by
fragrant grooves; He, the immaculate Lord is ever
pure, sacred God; (now I look at) Him, the overlord of
Supreme justful heaven (vaikuntham or Vaan), and the
Divine God (ranganatha) of SriRangam (girt with) long
ramparts. (As I see Him), His sacred lotus FEET enter
into and become merged with my eyes.

2. Uvandha ULLatthanAy.... Lord Ranganatha (Arangatthu
AmmAn) who has with His heart full of pleasures,
measured the worlds, (earth and heaven) (in his
descent as TrivikramA) shines with His tall and lofty
crown. He, whose sharp and piercing arrows destroyed
(devoured) the demons (night-wanderers) who came to
fight Him that day (i.e in His descent sa Sri Rama),
is the scion of the race of kAkusthA. He is the Lord
Sri Rangam full (of flowery and) fragrant gardens; now
my mind becomes immersed with the Lord's reddish SILK
GARMENT worn by Him around His waist.

3.Mandhi pAya vada vEnkata mAmalai.... The Lord,
Ranganatha, who reclines on the serpent couch (Adhi
sEshA) in Sri Rangam, is the same Lord VishNu,
(Srinivasa) who has stood in the North at the Great
Venkata Hills, where monkeys jump from one tree to the
other. Lord Srinivasa has stood for the sake of Gods,
who come to worship Him; the sweet core (inner soul)
of my heart rests on the twilight coloured garment of
the Lord and on His beautiful NAVEL, above it (the
garment)-the GREAT NAVEL that created the four faced
God Ajah(BrahmA).

4.Chadura mAmadhizh soozh... The Lord of Sri Rangam
(full of woods), where sweetly singing bees hum and
great peacocks dance (happily), is the same as the
Lord Sri Rama of (life-bestowing) ocean hue; Lord Rama
vanquished RavaNa, the king of Lanka surrounded by
Massive and square ramparts; after driving him
out(once from the battle filed), Lord Sri Rama later
aimed an invincible sharp arrow at RavaNa and made his
ten heads fall down (simultaneously cut off); The
WAISTBAND (of Sri Ranganatha) found on His beautiful
belly makes pleasant strolls within my heart.

5.BhAramAya pazha vinai...The Lord of Sri Rangam has
cut asunder all my burdensome old sins (ripe and
heavy); He has now made me His (exclusive) servant;
Further, He has also entered into my heart; Whata
wonder! I do not know how much severe great penance
have I done to achieve such a great fortune of the
Lord's immense grace over me. the Lord's CHEST,
beautified by the Goddess Lakshmi and the Graet
garland Vaijayanthi, enslaved me. 

6. Thunda veN piRaiyan... My master, Lord Ranganathar,
has His abode in the holy city of Sri Rangam
surrounded by grooves, wherein live the swarms of bees
with fascinating wings; He is the One, who has removed
the sufferings of Lord Siva with the crescent moon on
His head (when a skull got stuck in His hand). Lord
Ranganatha's throat (in days of Yore) consumed in full
the whole Universe comprising (a) many worlds
inhabited by Andar (a category of people) (b) the
higherand the nether worlds (c) this massive and vast
earth (d) all the seven kulaachalas (ezhu maal varai,
the seven mountains balancing this earth);  such a
THROAT of the Lord indeed has saved me.

7. kayinAr suri sanghanalAzhiyar.... The Lord of the
beautiful city of Sri Rangam and the one supreme God,
Mayan (beyond ken of all the ordinary individual
souls), who reclines on the serpent couch AdhisEshA
holds on His hands, the Conch Paanchajanyam with
winding rekha and the chakra (Divine sudharshanam)
that emits firey sparks; His divine body (archa form)
is like a lengthy mountain range; He is our father and
saviour, who has a very long crown smelling
exuberently with the fragrance of thuLasi leaves! His
beautiful RED MOUTH (with rosy lips), aiyO! has
captivated and enraptured my mind and heart.

8.PariyanAgi vandha.....The blemishless Lord of Sri
Rangam is the Supreme Being(i.e. the foremost creator
and benefactor), who made the advent as Narasimha and
tore into shreds the massive body of the demon king
(HiraNyakasipu) that came to assault Him; Lord
Narasimha was (and also is) unapproachable and
inaccessible to the Gods (BrahmA, Siva, IndhrA, and
others); in the face of Lord Ranganatha, there are
those wide eyes, which are very much black, broad and
extensive towards the sides, glittering(restless),
with ruddy lines (rekhAs), running across and very
much lengthy; these EYES of the Lord have made me a
fool (and I am stupefied).

9.Aalamaa maratthinilai.... Lord Ranganatha reclining
on the serpent couch AdisEshA in Sri Rangam is the one
who (long ago) having devoured the seven worlds, was
seen (by the Sage MarkandEya and found to be )lying on
the leaf of a great banyan tree as (an exquisite)
Child, incomparable; the Lord Ranganatha is adorned
with beautiful garland studded with peerless gems and
pearl necklace; His Holy Body (Archa form) of blue
diamond lustre is of enormous beauty and excellent
complexion; such a divine BODY of God has ,aiyO!
outweighed my mind( i.e, the Lord showing His whole
BODY full of beauty has taken away everything from me-
my mind, heart and soul).

10. KoNdal vaNNan.... Lord Ranganatha is the Overlord
(Supreme Sovereign) of the whole world and all the
people (residing there); Him- who is of the black
colour of the clouds as well as the nature of the
clouds; who, as Lord Gopala (KOvala alias KrishNa),
ate butter with His mouth; who has stolen my mind and
heart; and who is my immortal ambrosia-; my eyes
thathave looked at His beauty; (I swear) these eyes of
mine, that have seen Him,will NEVER see anything else.

ARANGAN. (Only he and Sri AndaL united and merged with
the Lord directly in Arangan's sannidhi.)

(Thanks to Sri V.Sadagopan Swami for his excellent

ThiruppANAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Namo narayana

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