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Srimate Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

I. On the Purusha Suktam of the sAma vEdam
The purusha suktam of the Sama Vedam, as sung traditionally, is a compilation of the following sAman-s in this order:

1. vishnu sAman, found in the Eka-sAmi aindra-parvam. This sAman based on the rk (yOni mantram) "idam vishnur-vichakramE..". d in some

2. vishnOr-vratam of the Vrata-parva, and based on the rk "prakshasya vrshnO.."

3. varAham of the pavamAna- sOma parvam. The last of the four varAha sAmans is sung here. The yOni of this sAman is the rk "pra kAvyamushanEva bruvANO dEvO dEvAnAm"

4. The "purusha-vratAni paNcha" sAman-s of Vratha-parva based on the yOni/rks beginning with "sahasra-shIrshaha purushah?" It is rks of these five sAmans, that closely resemble the other recensions of the
purusha suktam found in the rg, yajur, and atharvaNa vedA-s.

5. The Purusha vratam Vratha-parva based on he yOni-mantra "kayA nashchitra?"

If you are looking for specific sAman numbers, or more details, please let me know.

Here is a rendition by Kauthuma shAkha sAma brihaspatis, Sri U. Ve. Thenbirai N. Raman and Sri U. Ve. Srirangam Narayanan of Chennai:

II On the Age of the Veds

The rshis to whom the Veda mantras were revealed were mantra-drashtas,
NOT composers.

The 6th Chapter of the Sri Vishnu Purana and the 12th Chapter of the Srimath Bhagavatham describe how and why Veda Vyasa and his shishya paramapara reorganized the Veda into rk-sAma-yajus-atharvaNa and the sub-shAkhas.

Each of the the Vedas have plenty of references to each other. For instance, the Rg, Yajur and artharvaNa
vedas extoll the greatness of the sAma veda as well as specific samans and their applications. Vice-versa.
Unlikely, if the Rk, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana samhitas had been "composed at different times"

Traditional literature stresses that the vedas, just like Sriyah-Pati, the Veda Purushan are anAdi and nityam.

BrihadAranya Upanishad 2.4.10 describes the Vedas as "nihsvasitam" -the very breath of the Supreme Being.

Where is the question of ascribing or comparing the age of something which was never "created"?

ramanuja dasan.


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