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          SrImate ra'nga rAmAnuja mahA deSikAya namaH.

      tAtparya ratnAvaLi - Submission 26, Slokam 14 Part 2,
                    tiruvAimozhi 1.4 contd.

·       pASuram 1.4.3:

vidiyinAl peDai maNakkum men-naDaiya anna'ngAL!
madiyinAl kuRaL mANAi ulagu iranda kaLvarkku
madiyilEn val-vinaiyE mALAdO enRu orutti
madiyellAm uL kala'ngi maya'ngumAl ennIrE.

vidiyinAl peDai maNakkum mel naDaiya anna'ngAL!  madiyinAl kuraL 
mANAi ulagu iranda kaLvarkku orutti madiyilEn val-vinaiyE mALAdO enRu 
madi ellAm uL kala'ngi maya'ngumAl ennIr ? O swans who are fortunate 
enough to enjoy yourself in the company of your female partners!  
Please convey my status as of one who is extremely sad because of the 
immensity of my sins, and who is completely confused as to whether my 
sins will ever be eradicated, to the One who tricked mahAbali as a 
dwarf brahmacAri and usuped all the three worlds from him.  

svAmi deSikan captures the principal guNa of bhagavan sung in this 
pASuram as "svArtha lAbhe arthitva bhAvAt" ? He who stoops to the 
level of begging for His own wealth from one to whom it does not 
belong in the first instance ? madiyinAl kuraL mANai ulagu iranda 
kaLvar".   The reference is to bhagavAn's vAmana incarnation.  He 
forgave mahAbali's aparAdham and re-took His possession from mahAbali 
by appearing in front of Him as a dwarf brahmacAri and begging for 
three feet of land from Him.  Here AzhvAr in the nAyakI bhAvam, says 
that similarly, He will forgive all the aparAdha-s of His devotees 
(recall the guNa at the daSakam level ? kshamA, aparAdha sahatvam).  
Note how nicely the AvaLi is being strung for us by svAmi deSikan by 
establishing a nice connectivity between the message of all the 

SrI UV nicely describes how emperumAn skillfully thought about how to 
take back the three worlds from mahAbali without killing him, without 
causing any harm to mahAbali's fame for giving when anyone seeks 
anything from him, by going as a brAhmin who looked harmless in the 
form of a dwarf, etc. ? madiyinAl iranda kaLvar.  He goes and seeks 
alms from mahAbali, for the wealth that belongs to Him to start with -
 Such is the extent to which He goes to forgive the aparAdha-s of 
devotees.  Thus, even though the jIva commits enormous mistakes for 
which there is no end and no limit, and which cannot be fully 
expiated in infinite number of future births even, yet He will find 
an excuse to forgive all these sins in one swoop under some pretext 

·       pASuram 1.4.4:

en nIrmai kaNDu ira'ngi idu tagAdu ennAda
en nIla mugil vaNNarkku en Solli yAn SollugEnO  
nan nIrmai ini avarkaN ta'ngAdu enRu oru vAic-col
nan nIla maganRilgAL nalgudirO? nalgIrO?

en nIrmai kaNDu ira'ngi, idu tagAdu ennAda en nIla mugil vaNNarkku en 
Solli yAn SolluvEn?  nal nIla maganRilgAL! nal nIrmai avarkaN ini 
ta'ngAdu enRu oru vAi Sol nalgudirO?  nalgIrO? ? He has personally 
witnessed my condition in the state of separation, and still He does 
not realize that I do not deserve to be left in this state of 
separation. What is it about my condition that my Lord with the hue 
of the water-laden dark clouds does not know, for me to communicate 
that condition through a messenger?  Oh blue-colored maganRil birds! 
(krau'nca pakshi - a kind of water-bird, the male and female of which 
never live separated).  Will you, or will you not, communicate to Him 
without any hesitation that a good jIvan (one that is totally 
dedicated to Him) will not live if it is separated from its Lord.

svAmi deSikan captures the principal guNam of emperumAn brought out 
in this pASuram through the phrase "timyan-megha-svabhAvAt" - He who 
has the nature of water-laden clouds - en nIrmai kaNDu ira'ngi.  The 
root is tima ? ArdrI-bhAve ? to become wet.  SrI UV explains that the 
dark water-laden cloud will not desist from showering its waters 
(ellArkkum peyyum mazhai); so also, bhagavAn is bound to forgive the 
sins of His devotees (The  only delay is because the messenger has 
not gone and delivered the message!).  SrI UV brings out the 
importance of the AcAryan for attaining Him, by pointing out that for 
the rain to shower, the assistance of the wind is needed; so also, 
the messenger (read AcArya) is needed for bhagavAn to shower His 

-dAsan kRshNamAcAryan
(To be continued)

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