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This Divya desham is mentioned in brahmandapurana, skandapurana, As per 
skandapurana, devas pleaded for gods help when asuras defeated them. The lord 
then used his sudarsana and destroyed all the asuras. Realising that paramatama 
has come to their help, shiva who came to help asuras then surrendered. The 
lord then gave darshan to shiva as " TRIMOORTHI SWAROOPA (Moovaragiya Oruvan)". 
At the request of devas and rishis . The paramatma stayed here and took the 
name DEVANATHAN . the archa avataram of SrIman Narayanan .. This kshetra is 
called Tiru Aheendrapuram as it was conceived and constructed by adishesha . 
Garuda and Adhishesha brought Viraja and Patala ganga threertams to this 
kshetra . These are used for thriumanjanams and making prasadams (thaligai) for 
the perumal ans thayar. The vimAnam is similar to the suddhasatva vimanam at 
vaikuntam . Stone inscriptions in the temple refer to the deity as 'Ninraruliya 
Mahavishnu' and 'Ezhisai naada perumaan'

This kshetra is also favorite to our swami Desikan , as our swami will be 
presenting rathanangi to perumal during the Tamil month of puratassi/ Iypaasi . 
Our swami Desikan worshipped Garuda atop the gill Oushadhagiri hill that is 
near the temple and was blessed there with Hayagriva mantram and vigraham of 
Yoga hayagriva. There is temple for Lakshmi Hayagriva perumal atop that hill. 
The hill has 74 steps which signifies 74 simhasanapathies established by Swami 
Bashyakara .

Markandeya maharishi did penance here and our Devanathan married the daughter 
of the Maharishi , HemAbhjavalli 
and both the father-in-law and the bride of the of the Lord took their place on 
either side of the perumal . There are sannidhis for Chakarvarthi Thirumagan  
and Raajagopalan here . Long time ago their was swami namazhwar's idol was 
discovered under a tree . Hence there are two idols of swami namazhwar in His 
sannidhi  .

Their is a sannidhi for our Swami Desikan and the dazzling beauty of the 
vigraha of our swami is beyond description . This is a vigraham constructed by 
our swami himself , when some one challenged our swami on his title of 
Sarvathatra Swatantra . Here our swami also constructed a well which still 

This divya deshams can be reached by bus as well as train . The nearest station 
is thiruppaapuliyur or we can take a bus from koyembadu and get at cuddalore 
and take mofasal bus from cuddalore to thiruveendhapuram 


Perumal             : Deivanayakan (Moolavar)
                      Devanathan , Divishannathan ,Vibuthanathan , 
                      Moovaragiya Oruvan (Uthsavar)
Thayar              :  Hemambujavalli Thayar
Puskarani           : Garuda nadhi , Shesha Theertam , Chandra theertam
Vimanam           : Chandra Vimanam , suddhasatva vimanam
Pratyaksham       :  Chandra , Garuda 
Mangalasasanam : Thirumangai Mannan ( 10 Pasurams )

Adiyean Desikan Dasan
BAlaji S
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