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Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage was established on the 
Sravana Pournami day in August 1999. The objectives of the Institute 
·       Learning and teaching the scientific and cultural heritage of 
India with a scientific vision. 
·       Bringing documents like books, audiocassettes, films, CDs, 
etc for learning and teaching the heritage. 
·       Conducting seminars, study classes, academic level 
competitions, etc., for fulfilling the missions of the Institute. 
·       Giving a clear understanding of the superstitions and taking 
the mission of removing the superstition from the day-to-day life of 
the people by scientific teaching. 
·       Giving the substantiated scientific proof on the merits of 
the acharas (customs) and rituals, which were followed by Indians for 
many millennia 
·       Clearly separating the duracharas/anaacharas (superstitions) 
from the scientific acharas and explaining about the merits on their 
·       Bringing out all the merits of the Indian literature and 
giving a correct picture on the literature heritage of our nation. 
·       Informing the world that everything was not present in 
ancient India, but many things connected with science and technology 
and integrated life management existed in ancient India. Majority of 
these scientific information also withstood the test of time and 
still survive in the practical and theoretical life/area in India 
·       Indian Heritage on mathematics has got a history of not less 
than 5000 years starting from Sulbasutras. Aryabhateeya, Bhaskareeya, 
Vateswara Siddhanta, Lilavati, and so on. There are more than one 
thousand books catalogued by Indian National Science Academy, New 
·       The Indian heritage on astronomy has the history record 
starting from Vedic period. The mathematics and astronomy were dealt 
together in hundreds of textbooks written in Sanskrit and in regional 
languages. Mahabhaskareeya, Laghubhaskareeya, Vateswara Siddhanta, 
Bruhat samhitha, and many similar books still available in the 
printed form with English commentaries, give the subject matter 
qualitatively and quantitatively at par with the modern developments. 
·       Indian heritage on the metallurgical sciences also goes back 
from the period of Yajurveda. Names of many metals are given in Vedas 
clearly mean that the metallurgical technologies of gold, copper, 
silver, iron, tin and lead were known. Many textbooks describing the 
rasa sastra give the ores, minerals and methodology of extraction and 
purification of metals and their compounds. 
·       Indian heritage in health science also starts from time 
immemorial. The ayurvedic books like Charaka samhitha, Susrutha 
samhitha, Ashtanga hrudaya, Ashtanga samgruha and many small books on 
animal treatment and Vrukshayurveda are still available for learning 
and research. The Vegetarian food system has become the order of the 
day in the world. 
·       Indian technological heritage has vast area of metallurgy, 
ceramics, glass, textiles, furnaces, leather, civil engineering and 
architecture, granite and marble, and so on. These are clearly 
demonstrated in ancient Indian books, cave temples, temples, forts, 
palaces, etc., 
·       Indian approach to management is described in detail in 
Bhishma Upadesa, Vidura Upadesa, Sukra Neethisaara, Bharthru Hari 
neethisataka, Chanakya neetisaara, Bhagavath geetha, Yoga Vasishta 
and so on. The Indian approach to management is an integrated 
approach looking into physiological, psychological, family - society 
and national aspects. 
·       We, in Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage also look into 
detailed aspects of Vedas and related literature, for their modern 
·       We have published books, brought out cassettes and CDs for 
learning and teaching the heritage of our motherland. You can get the 
details from the Institute in the following address. 
The motivating personalities behind this stunning success are:

Dr. M. Sambasivan M.S. (Gen); M.S. (Neuro); F. R. C. S.
(Neurosurgeon, President, World Federation of Neurosurgical Society)
Chairman; Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage 
Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan, M.Sc. (Pharm); M.Sc.(Chem.); M.A. (Soc.); PhD 
(Bio); D.Lit (Scientist, CSIR) 

Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage
Ushus, Estate Road, Pappanamcode, Trivandrum 695 018, India
Ph. +91-471 ? 2490149
Website: / / IISH ? ME at 

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