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Message From the Editor


It gives me great pleasure to announce the news about the launching of a new electronic journal named " SARANAAGATHI " on this Vijaya Dasami day . This day is also doubly sacred , since it is the birth day of both the Lord of the Seven Hills and Thuppul KulamaNI , Swami DEsikan .

At the outset , I wish to thank Dr . Narender Reddy of the Sri Venkateswara Temple , Pittsburgh , USA for suggesting that a new new journal in the electronic format focusing on the ancient and sacred doctrine of Saranaagathi would be very dear to the hearts of Sri VaishNavAs around the world . Dr. Reddy also asked me to serve as the Editor of this proposed new journal . Inspite of my limited qualifications to discharge the onerous responsibilities of this function , I have agreed to serve as the focal point for the assembly , editing and release of articles on SaraNaagathi as celebrated by our AzhwArs and AchAryAs . In this context , it is my pleasure to welcome a great Sri VaishNavite scholar , Sri Anbil Ramaswami as the Co-Editor of this electronic journal . Many of you know him as the President of the Swami Desika Darsana Sathsangam ( SDDS ) . His scholarship , superb editorial skills and his connections to the Sri VaishNavite scholars in India would prove invaluable in the work related to the publication of the SaraNAgathi journal . I look forward to benefitting from his valued counsel and deep scholarship.

The twelve AzhwArs and great AchAryAs like Nathamuni, ALavandhAr, RamAnujA , KurEsA , Parasara Bhattar, Thiruvarnagatthu AmudanAr , NadAthUr ammAL , PiLLai LokAchArya, VedAntha DEsikan , MaNavALa Maamuni and the peetAthipathis of AhObila Mutt , the two Andavan Aasramams and other SvayamAchArya purushAs have left us with moving , erudite and vast literature on SaraNAgathi doctrine , which is central to Sri VaishNavism . We will take care to select articles -both invited and contributed -for the coming issues of the new electronic journal . Reader particpation through comments and suggestions on content is very important . Please let us know also about questions that you may need clarification from our AchAryAs . We will do our best to get the answers from them to reflect the sampradhAyic view points .

Our main goal in initiating this effort is to gain a clearer understanding of the various aspects of the sacred and central doctrine of SaraNAgathi to prepare us for performing SaraNAgathi at the holy feet of an AchAryA of our choice and to practise the way of life recommended for the post-Prapatthi period of our life on this earth .

With this introductory note , We place the effort and fruit of this kaimkaryam at the lotus feet of Sriman NaarAyaNan and His divine consort , MahA Lakshmi .

Sri RaamAnuja Daasan ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan
Editor- in- Chief , SaraNAgathi Journal

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