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Sri Venkateswara Ashtotthram 

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The 83rd Naamam of SrI VenkatEsa AshtOttharam:

HayagrIvAya Nama:

One who took the HayagrIva avathAram with horse's neck and a human body  to restore VedAs from the asurAs (Madhu and KaiDabhan) , who stole the VedAs from Brahma DEvan..

Lord HayagrIvan is akhila VidhyA Moorthy. With a small portion of the vidhyAs gained by the blessings of Lord HayagrIvan , others known as VidhyA Moorthys like DakshiNAmoorthy and Sarasvathy have the power to act out their roles . Lord HayagrIvan is Jn~Ananadha mayan and is the AaadhAram for Sarva VidhyAs. He is Vaageesan .Brahma would be an ignoramus had not Lord HayagrIvan initiated him in to Vedams and VedArthams.He has Manthramaya body. Those who have the anugraham of Lord HayagrIvan (HayagrIva VenkatEsan) defeat all their opponents in debates . We pray for His aavirbhAvam (appearance ) in our Manas for hte birth of  Jn~Anam in our minds .

Swamy Desikan's first sthOthram is about Lord HayagrIvan . The detailed meanings of the 33 slOkams of SrI HayagrIva sthOthram are available at the Parakaala Matham Web pages:

There are also SrI HayagrIva Panjaram , AshtOtram and Upanishad for Lord HayagrIvan:

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