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Sri Venkateswara Ashtotthram 

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Lord Raamachandran
24) Devajit pramukha ananta daitya sangha praNasasine SrI VenkatEsaaya nama:
Salutations to Sri Venkatesa, who destroyed hordes of asuraas, led by Devajit !
Three brothers, born in the lineage of the dreaded Hiranyaaksha (who was killed by Sri Varaha murthy), had obtained generous boons and, as is natural to them, started tormenting Devas and Rishis alike. Devajit, Mrityujit and Shatrujit were these three asuaraas. The aggrieved Devas sought relief through  Lord Srinivasa, who dispatched His Commander-in-Chief Sri Vishvaksena to deal with the asuraas, who fought fiercely. Ultimately they were destroyed by the Narayanaastram used by Sri Vishvaksena .

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