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If one goes into the genesis of koorai-p-pudavai, it gives another set
of shocking revelations, as with silk vasthrams.

It is in fact kora-naattu-p-pudavai, obtained from a place called
kora-naadu known for expert weavers.

Initially only cotton was woven and worn during marriages, a practice
that still continues with other South Indian communities, such as
Malayalis, Telugus and Kannadigas. Most communities in tamil naadu
still wear cotton saree only as muhoortha-p-pudavai. Only Brahmains
have changed to pattu-p-pudavai. Perhaps the result of new found
riches and status while working under the British. Writer "kalki's"
old social novels bring out this desire for flaunting affluence. It
depends on the two parties involved in marriage to discourage this
practice of wearing silk and silk koorai-p-pudavai..

Another question is about how madisaar came into vogue and the 
taatparyam of methods of wearing it. This is similar to the taatparyam
of pancha kachcham - the specific number of folds and prana-apana
sandhi and  naabhi. Madisaar seems to be the reverse of the
prana-apana sandhi and looks like about kundalalini. This makes me
think that the regular 6 yards saree fulfils the rationale better than
the madisaar. Wish someone throws more light on this.

- Jayasree saranathan.

--- In ramanuja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Sreenivasan Ramanujam <sreenivasan@...> wrote:
> That is a good point. But somehow Adiyen feel that those silkworms have done 
> more punyam than us since they adorn the supreme lord.
>   Adiyen certainly feel that we should discourage our women folk from wearing 
> pattu pudavai and if at all we buy then it should be used allways to adorn 
> the lord.
>   The biggest problem would be in our sampradayam kurappudavai needs to be 
> replaced with a cotton pudavai if this has to be done.
>   Dasan

Azhvar EmberumAnAr JeeyAr ThiruvadigalE Saranam

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