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Srimathe Ramanujaya namaha:
ThondaradipodiyAr thOndriya Vur tholpugazh sEr
Mandangudi enbar Mannulagil - ENthisayum
Etthum Kulasekaran Vur ena vuraipar
vAitha Thiruvanjikkalam
These are the words of our swamy Manavala MAmunikal in his one of his greatest contemplarary works, UpadEsa RathinamAlai. This remarkable divyadesam can be accessed by travelling around 50 KMs from the City Thiruchur or Trissur in Kerala State by reaching a place called Kodungalur. From Kodungalur Thiruvanjikkalam is around 2 KMs. The localites know this divyadesam as Thirukulasekara Puram or TKS Puram.
In Kerala State, temples are known by the word "Ambalam".  So you have to ask for TKS Puram Ambalam. On reaching this place you can see a remarkable new temple perfectly constructed in our Pancharatra Agama style.
This temple will be facing a Krishanar Temple which is a very old one. Azhwar is said to have composed Mukunda Malai on this perumal. This is the Ithihyam over there.
The main perumal over here is ThiruvenkadamudaiyAn. Over his right is Kulasekara Azhwar sannadhi with all the ten alwars beautifully carved on the door of the sannadhi. Exactly facing the Azhwar sannadhi is Acharya's sannadhi, with swamy NAthamunigal, Swamy Alavandaar, Swamy EmperumAnAr, Swamy Manavala MAmunikal and Swamy Desikan adorning the sannadhi.
The word "perfect" remarkably suits this place for the serenity and divinity of this place with a beautiful pond right in front of the temple.  The localites are highly enthusiastic in visiting this temple and getting the blessings of our ThiruvenkadamudaiyAn and Azhwar.  The Archakas over there said the temple opening timings are falling short due to large inflows of astikAs.
Being Anadyanam, we chanted Sri Vishnusahasranam. Sumithra along with my cousin sister sang Mukunda Malai.
People once visiting this place definetly wont feel like going out of this beautiful divyadesam. With heavy heart of not being able to take leave from our beloved Azhwar we started our return trip to other divyadesams.
"Emperuman Ponmalai mEL Edenum AvEnE" is swamy Kulasekara Azwars words about Thiruvenkadam.  But adiyen thinks it is a pay back time for our ThiruvenkatamudayAn to Azhwar by peacefully settling over Azhwar's avatara stalam Thiruvanjikkalam.  Isnt Emperuman Baktha ParAdheenan ???
Definitely adiyen need not highlight, adiyars who are travelling to India or bhagavatas who are already here will be eagerly looking for the day to visit this divyadesam!
Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan/Dasee,
Pictures are at:

azhwAr emberumAnAr jeeyAr thiruvadigalE saranam

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