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Divine Vision Brining Happiness
EmperumAn is our Fort
ParakAla nAyaki who felt that EmperumAn had not bothered about her, was reminded by the Lord -who blessed her with the visions of His deeds-valourous deeds-the deeds for the sake of devotees- the deeds done by downgrading Himself for the sake if uplifting the souls.
AzvAr became extremely happy and commences eulogising these great actions.
The matsyAvathAram where the waters engulf and encompass the complete universe-s resulting in removal of differences between upper, middle and lower crusts
'nilai idam engum inRi nedu veLLam-11-4-1; EmperumAn emereges in the form of matsyA gracing us with the four vEdhAs.
As Thirumangai AzvAr himself later on in thirunedunthANdatakam greatly enjoys the 'chruning the milky ocean' -Peru-vaDivil kadal amudham koNdA kAlam' ,
here also this deed is greatly commended 'serumigu  vAL:eyiTRu aravonRu suTri imayOArgaL ninRu kaDaiya..
aruvarai anna thanmayAna thiru-mAl namakku oRe araNEA' 11-4-2; Sri KUrmam.
The fact of the whole milky ways, universe the moon and stars all under the small fraction of divine feet of the Lord
'pAdhamar sUzh kuLambin agamaNdalathin'11-4-3 Sri varAha mUrthi
'..aLavezha vemmai mikka ariyAgi anRu pariOan sinangaL avizha' 11-4-4;
The Lord taking the form of Narasimha was angry on multiple counts-
sinangaL-bhagavath-bhAgavatha apachAram of hiranayn.
Celbrting the vAmanA and thrivikraman at once,
'vEda nAvin muniyAgai vaiyam adi mUnRirandhu perinum...
andharam yEazhin vUdu sela vuitha pAdham -adhu nammai ALum'11-4-5
(this is again reiterated by AzvAr as 'maN muzhudum agappaduthu ninRa enthai' in thriunedum thANdaKam.
the dastardly deeds of Sri parasurAma is recalled in the next pAsuram
'seru nudhalUdu pOgi mazhuvALi venRa thiRalOan'refer thirunedunthANtakam -vadivAzha mazhuVEAndhi vulagamANDu) 11-4-6;
Sri Chakravarthith thriumagan torments rAvaNA with the pierceing arrows ( which is again talked of highly by parakAlan in thriunedunthANtakam 21-yei vaNNa vensilai)
'silai mali sencharangaL sela vuitha nangaL thirumAl' 11-4-7
The sacred texts go underground and darkness encompasses and EmperumAn in the from of annam bequeaths us with these sacred vEdhAs
'annam adhAi irundhu angu aRa nUl vuraith adhu nammai ALum arasEa'11-4-8
(refer thirunedunthANtakam-annamAi ..arumaRaiyai veLippadutha amman 30)
and as usual Lord krshNA decimates our sorrows
'nadai kaTRa thERRal vinai paTRarukkum'
and in the pAsruam-s kaliyan's words assures and reassurs us of ThirumAl being our refuge and fort
'thirumAl namakku Or aranEa'
'adhu namma ALum arasEa'
'avar nammai ALvar peridhEA"
and what is the message
maRavdhu irainjen mananEa
vanamamalai padmanabhan

Azhvar EmberumAnAr JeeyAr ThiruvadigalE Saranam

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