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Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Sri Vedanta Desikar's Vairagya Pancakam

Shloka 1:
kshoNI kONa shatAmshapAlanakalA durvAra garvAnala
kshubhyat kshudra narendra cAtu racanAdhanyAn na
manyAmahe |
devam sevitumeva niscinumahe yosau dayAlu: purA
dhAnAmuShtimuce kucelamunaye dattesma vitteshatAm ||

We do not respect the wealth gained by praising the mere
lords of one portion of this world's land who are stuck
with pride which is like fire. We only worship that 
merciful Lord who gave Kucela Muni wealth equal to that
of Kubera in exchange for one fistful of rice.

Sri PBA Swami's Commentary:
There is no one to rule the whole world now, unlike 
Azhvar's time ("oru nAyagamAy Oda ulagudan ANdavar"). In
the vast and spreadout land of this world, each king now
rules only a very small portion. In spite of that, their
pride in their royalship is enormous and beyond words. 
And their mind is drunken in that pride which is burning
their common sense. To these small lords, there are those
who go and praise them that they are like the Moon, like
Indra, etc and get wealth from them to survive. Swami 
says that he does not have any respect for such people.

He has the fortitude ("unakkup paNi seydhirukkum thavam
udaiyEn inippOy oruvan thankkup paNindhu kadaiththalai 
niRkai ninsAyai azhivu kaNdAy") that he will not seek 
anyone's doorstep but that of the Lord.

For those who have surrendered to the Lord, is there a
lack of anything of this world? ("adimaiyennum 
akkOyinmaiyAlE angangEyavai pOtharum kaNdAy"). That He
is pleased by the simplest things is seen from the 
story of Kucela Muni. Therefore, just as we look to 
him for things of the other world, so too for anything
in this world we only look to Him.

Vedanta Desikar Thiruvadigale Sharanam
Azhvar Emberumanar Jeeyar Thiruvadigale Sharanam

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