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Dear Sri Venkat :  Here re some answers to your queries :
(1) Pavazha Malli is also known as PaarijAtham
or coral Malli . It belongs to the botanical family of Nyctanthaceal .
Its actua name is Nyctanthes-arbor- Tristis.
It shares the common suffix of Malli such as GuNdu Malli ( Mathurai ) ,
Mara Malli , Nithya Malli , Sara Malli etc . These have fantastic , lingering
fragrance .
Pavazha or PavaLa Malli is  anight blooming flower and is profusely
flowerign in the Months of September  thru December . I tcan be grown in pots
in shady section of a balcony .It takes 12 to 18 months to flower
from seed . It is preferrable to grow outddors as a tree ( ~4 Meters in height ) .
It is considered to be a heavenly tree brought to earth by KrishNa from
IndhrA's garden with the help of SathyabhAmA . At dhwArakai , both RukmiNi and
SathyabhAma wanted the tree to be planted in their gardens . The clever KrishNa 
plante the tre in SathyabhAmA's garden but the wind blew he flowers over the fence
to RukmiNi's garden . This flower is therfore very dear to the Lord because 
of the diplomatic solution tha the concieved to please both His devis.
It has a divine fragrance . It is therfore called PaariAtham Flower tree . 
If the planrt is grown indoors in pots , they should not be overwatered.
The flowers are normally offered to KrishNa TuLasi Plant . By the way ,
KrishNa TuLasi and VishNu TuLasi ( paler colored leaves) are both used in
constructing garlands and archana for the Lord . 
The milky sap from the tree is poisonous and one has to
exercise caution .The flowers usually fall on ground in
the early morning right under the tree . Garlands are made
by stringing a thread thru the hollow coral colored stem of
the Flower . 
2) Pavazha Malli is not the same as Vanamaalai or Vyjayanthy .
One who wears Vana Maalai ( garland made of wild flowers of '
the forest is Vanamaalee) . 
3) The fruits dear to Lord KrishNa are anything offered with affection .
Naaval Pazham ( Rose apple / Jambhu) is very dear to Him . Navaneetham
is very dear to Him among dairy products . 
4) Sri VishNu sahasra Naamam is always an all expansive sthOthram
that applies to all avathArams and VyUhams of Sriman narayana . Swamy
Desikan's Gopala Vimsathy is very dear to Him . Sri Gopala Mantram is
enshrined in this sthothram , which you can read with meanings at :
e-Book 22 in the above series covers the Gopala Vimsathy .
5) Sudarsana Narasimha Sambhandham :Sudarsanar is the sanklapa
Sakthi of Sri Nrusimha-Narayanan. Front is seated Narasimhan & the back of
the six cornered yantram houses Sudarsanar  in walking (standing ) posture .
Sudarsanar will not sit before His Lord , Narasimhan . The worship of such
joint Murthys are prescribed by PaancharAthra and VakhAnasa Aagamams .
Padma Samhithai describes the 16 kinds of Aayudhams in Sudarsanan's
16 hands. ShOdasAyudha SthOthram of Swamy Desikan covers it in
the Sundara Simham e-book series refereed to above .Each of the six corners 
of the Shat KoNa Yanthram has special significance and has chakrAs named 
after each of them ( Jwaala chakram , Su chakram etc) .   
KrishNAya Thubhyam Nama:
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Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2007 11:18 AM
Subject: Queries

Hello Vishnu Bhaktas,
1) Would someone know where to find the list of things which the Lord Vishnu/Lord Krishna likes.(such as Songs, Pavhamalli flowers malai ., chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam etc).
2) I am trying to grow Pavhzamalli flower tree by sowing Pavhzamalli seeds. they somehow dont seem to germinate. I got a sapling which got infected by some germs/insects, may be because of inadequate Sunlight.
3) Is Pavhzamalli same as Vanamalee in Vishnu Sahasranamam?
4) Why do they have Lord Narasimha behind Chakrathalwar, when Chakrathalwar is a part of Lord Vishnu and Lord Narasimha is Lord Vishnu himself?
Adien Ramanuja Dasan

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