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Date: Mon, 28 May 2007 03:22:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: "sesha gopalan" <sesha_parankusa@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: lord Varadaraja's utsavam
To: srirangasri@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Complete, but????.
     Its all eagerness in the minds of every devotee in this world at the moment as the most famous utsavam is just around the corner.
    It is none other than the Vaisaka utsavam (brahmotsavam) of Sri Devarajaswamy, which is to start on 29th of the May.
     The  utsavam has the unique distinction on many fronts. First of all ? the god, who appeared in the yagina of Brahma.  Then the place where the yagina was held ? satyavrathakshetram (meaning the place where truth is observed like penance).  Then comes the Alwars and Acharyas devotion and dedication towards this lord.  It may be noted that without lord Varadharaja, no sampradhayam (Vaishnava) could exist today.  Then comes the most esteemed part of the utsavam which can never be seen in any other temple equal to this in this whole universe ? even Srivaikuntam.  The prabhandam of periyazhwar aptly suits this lord only.
     ?Adiyomodum ninodum pirivinri aayiram pallandu?
     The manpower i.e. the baktas who come to seek the blessings of the lord on various vahanams that adds to his beauty as Swami Desikan expressed ?Adhikamadhikamanyam aatma shobham dhadhanam?.
     These bhaktas are of 3 types.  Of this, first one is ordinary bhaktas who come to seek the lord?s blessing.  The second and third are like Nithyasuris ? they are the persons who enable the lord to keep his sannithyam intact even in this kaliyuga.  They are none other than the persons who chant Veda and divyaprabhandham.
     No one can question, or even come close to the standards of Veda or divya prabhandam of this temple.  They are the best in every aspect ? style, clarity, harmony, etc.  This is because they (the devotees) are doing their job without expecting anything.  Such is the fame of the temple which is complete in every aspect including discipline, time keeping etc. has one incompleteness which hurts many ardent devotees i.e. the chanting if divya prabhanda in the utsavam.
     They are not chanted fully only the first word of the first line and third line is chanted for most part of every utsavam.   Only 8 prabhandhams are chanted fully ? Thirupavai, Thiruvirutham, Thiruvaasiriyam, Periya thiruvandadhi, Thirvezhukutrirukkai, 2 madals and Ramanuja nootrandhadhi - of the 24 prabhandhams sang by the Alwars, its very sad that in such a big occasion only 8 is chanted fully.  But to the contrary, all the prabhandhams are chanted fully in this temple in daily routine (50 pasurams per day).
           As an ardent devotee of the lord and a keen observer of the temple, I would like to know the reason for chanting the prabandham like this.
          The biggest irony is the fact that with such a big veedhi it is not chanted fully. On the contrary these same persons chant it fully in the utsavam of Yathokthakaari , who doesn?t have 1/4th of Lord Varadaraja?s veedhi.
       When will this great lord hear it (divya prabandham) fully in the great utsavam.


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