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 (Continued from Part 4)

Type 3: "mAyaya-apahruta-gnyAna"

The 3rd type of Ignorant Man is
"mAyaya-apahruta-gnyAni". He is worse than the "mUda"
or the "narAdhama". If Ignorance is evil, as the Gita
tells us, and the "mUda" and "narAdhama" are victims
of such evil, then the "mAyaya-apahruta-gnyAna" is a
perpetrator of the same evil. 

The "mAyaya-apahruta-gnyAni" (for convenience, let us
refer to him as "mpg") is a knowing man indeed --
often he is a deep thinker, an erudite intellectual,
an inspired ideologue, a gifted orator... Though the
"mpg" is a knowing man, the knowledge he possesses is
of a grievously flawed, even perverted kind. It is
knowledge that may be said to have been abducted by
("apahruta") or held hostage by the power of Delusion
("mAya"). Sri Ramanuja calls it "vipareeta-gnyAna" --
the product of a mind clouded by delusion... a mind
that has metamorphosed into a freak. 


What is delusion? When Ignorance goes around
masquerading as Truth, it is said to be Delusion. The
Deluded Man is very often successful in leading the
world at large into believing that his nescience is
great science. 

History is full of instances of Deluded Man appearing
to be inspired, gifted, even prophetic... The ideas he
espoused had seemed so original, so different and
electrifying! The masses were simply swayed, and the
young especially were totally mesmerized by it all.
The Deluded Man, the "mpg", indeed, often entered upon
the stage of the world as some new messiah with a new
message that soon became a great new "-ism" taking the
world by storm...

When Karl Marx first propounded his great new ideology
of 'Communism' it took more than half the world
entirely by storm. For the next 100 odd years or so --
the better part of the 19th and 20th century --
millions of people in the world willingly replaced,
inside the shrine of their hearts, the Bible, Koran,
Torah or the Gita with a copy of "The Communist
Manifesto"! Marxism became a universal creed of the
masses -- the last word on Truth ever spoken on earth.
Communism became the new faith of the people. Its
system of philosophy was infallible and
all-comprehensive; its doctrines were so humane and
profound. At the core of this faith was the clear
conviction: "There is no God; God withers away and it
is the State that substitutes Him". 

It seemed as though in Communism the world had finally
found a credo with answers to all the questions and
problems of life! It was the heady new 'religion' --
the new "vEda-sAstrA"! And so deeply indoctrinated
into this new 'religion' had the masses become, for
well over a century after Marx passed away,
generations of young men all across Europe, Russia,
Asia and Latin America, were easily led into believing
that all revealed religion was nothing but "opium of
the masses"; the church, the synagogoue, the temple
and mosque were all to be consigned to the dustbin of
history and forgotten forever... 

Thereafter, there was much Marxian revolution in the
affairs of 20th-century Man... much more in number,
and far more socially convulsive, than any other ever
caused by older traditional religions such as Hinduism
or Buddhism... It took more than a century of
revolutions, strife, bloodshed and a terrible Cold-war
fought over three generations, before Prophet Marx was
found to have had feet of clay and that the Communist
God had failed, and failed badly too! 

Sometimes it takes that long, and it takes that heavy
and tragic a toll on the world, before people even
begin to realize that some new "-ism", a so-called
'religion', is actually nothing but an ideology of the
Deluded, for the Deluded and by the Deluded... It is
nothing but empty, God-less religion... In other
words, it is nothing but "vipareeta-gnyAna" -- the
remarkable phrase of Sri Ramanujacharya describing the
real nature of "mAyaya-apahruta-gnyAna". 

(to be continued)



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