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Dear SrI KrishNa BhakthAs:

"Yennappan avatharittha KaTAmrutham " ( the nectar of Yennappan
KaNNan's incarnation charithram ) is the part of this series of 
postings as GokulAshtami is approaching fast.There are major 
celebrations at SrI RanganAtha temple at Pomona , NY. Please
join in the celebrations (httP://

As SrI Malolan Cadambi is going to focus on GithA SaarA soon,
let us concentrate here on the noble avathAram of " Kutti KaNNan"
who is a darling to the hearts of AzhwArs, AchAryAs , PurANa karthAs,
and all KrishNa BhakthAls like SrI MadhavakkaNNan , SrI M.G.VasudEvan
of these lists and others.

adiyEn will choose from SrImadh BHAgavatham , YaadhavAbhuyudhayam,
SrI KrishNa KarNAmrutham , SrI NaarayaNIyam and AzhwAr Pasurams .
Let us start ewith the anubhavam of ThirukkuruhUr SaThakOpan.

Swamy NammAzhwAr's anubhavam
For Swamy NammAzhwAr , KaNNan is every thing: PrApyam/Phalan , 
PrApakam/UpAyam , Taarakam/protection , pOshakam/Nourisher 
and BhOgyam/enjoyment . Inview of this total dependence ,
Swamy SaThakOpan declared :

"uNNum sORu paruhu neer thinnum veRRilaiyumellAm KaNNan" TVM:6.7.1

To Her (ParAnkusa Naayaki) , ALL is KrishNa including the food
that is eaten, the water that is drunk to quench thirst and 
the betel leaves chewed for pleasure .

Swamy NammAzhwAr and and all BhakthAs with total KrishNa 
Consciousness are celebrated by the Lord Himself , 
who blessed us with the Charama slOkam:

BahUnAm JanmanAm anthE Jn~avAn Maam prapathyathE
VaasudEva: Sarvamithi Sa MahAthmA Sudurlabha:
--GIthai: VII.19

That one is the sEshan of KrishNa-VaasudEvan
and that one's Svaroopa-Sthithi-pravrutthi et al are
controlled fully by Him is a conviction(Jn~Anam) that 
will result at the end of many, many puNya janmAs.
That person is a MahA manan/MahAthmA and such 
a person is rare indeed says the Lord here.

Swamy NammazhwAr's celebration of KaNNan is simply beautiful. 
Here are some selected excerpts from his endearing dialog
with KaNNan:

1)Yennudaya KovalanE! Yenn pollA karumANikkamE--TVM:7.6.5

( Oh My dear GopAlA ! My dear dark gem !)

2)In the PollA karumANikka Dasakam ( VIII.9., paasurams 2942-2952), 
Swamy NammAzhwAr performs Upadesam for us about the "Nama:"
sabdham of the Moola manthram : We are all sesha bhUthAs 
for KaNNan and that we should get rid of thoughts about
ananya seshathvam (dependence of other gods as Masters) and
rid ourselves of Sva-svAtantryam( we are independent entities 
with our own power to act) and focus instead on SvkIya daasyathvam 
(innate role of Jeevan as a SeshabhUthan).

3)yellayil jn~Atthan jn~AnamahthE koNDu yellak-karumangaLum sey
yellayil MaayaNaik-KaNNanai TaaLL paRRi yaanOr dhkkhamilEn: TVM 3.10.8

( Jn~Anam about KaNNan is limitless by any measure.His Jn~Anam (sankalpa
sakthi) is also immesaurable. All His deeds about Jagath rakshaNam
are prompted by that dhivya sankalpam.His chEstithams are 
infinitely marvellous and baffling to us. Having taken refuge at 
the holy feet of Lord KrishNa, adiyEn has no grief whatsoever. 

4) Of His Sarva-rakshaka Thiruvadi, AzhwAr celebrates this way:

a)--- tanmai peRutthi Tann TaaLiNaikkeezh koLLum appan( TVM: 2376)

( He directs us , makes changes in us, elevates us 
through inspiration , gives us sTira bhakthi in Him ,
makes us His daasan through Prapatthi anushtAnam and then 
takes us to His supreme abode for performing nithya Kaimkaryam).

b) --- Kadal VaNNan KaNNan ViNNavar karumANikkam yenathAryuir
anRu tErk-kadAviya PerumAn kanaik-kazhal (TVM:2368)

( Those sacred feet of the Lord as PaarTasArathy drove 
the chariot of Arjuna . He is ocean-hued and is my 
life's life. The nithya Jevans of SrI Vaikuntam treasure
Him as the dark blue gem . When will adiyEn grasp those feet ?).

c)--- valvinai theerkkum KaNNanai( TVM: 2457)

( That KaNNan , who extinguishes all sins )

d)--- "Thol vinai theera--veyya nOykaL muzhuthum veeya --
thozhuvAr vinai poha--piranthum setthum ninRidaRum 
pEthamai theernthu --nOyE mooppu iRappu piNiyE
yeRivai ozhiya--uyvupAyam maRRinmai thErik-KaNNan
kazhalkaL mEl --paNimin "

( This is a compendium from different paasuram sections
of ThiruvAimozhi, where Swamy NammAzhwAr celebrates 
KaNNan's parama anugrahams as Sarva Swamy, Sarva Rakshakan ,
and the many benfits that accrue from performing SaraNAgathi
at His sacred feet . He says: for utter destruction of ancient
karmAs , for total elimination of the samsAric diseases,
for the removal of the paapams , to get freedom from repeated
births, old age , sufferings and deaths , please come to
the inviolable conclusion that there is no one except KaNNan
as UpAyam(means) for Moksham and hold secure His sacred feet).

e) There are times , when SwAmy NammazhwAr will despair about
the impossible attempt for him to comprehend fully KaNNan's
VibhUthis and simply declare: 

KaNNanai Maayan tannai kadal kadainthamutham koNDa
aNNalai Achyuthanai ananthanai ananthan mEl 
naNNInankuRaihinRAnai Jn~Alam uNDu umizhntha Maalai
yeNNumARaRiya maattEn yaavayum yevarum thAnE--TVM:3.4.9

( To fully describe and cover the entire gamut of 
the PrabhAvam of the mysterious Lord is impossible
and yet I attempted to describe His mahimai out of
uncontrollable desire to do so. Knowing the futility of
such a n effort, adiyEn ceases now by contenting myself 

If Swamy NammazhwAr as the parama Rasikan of SrI KrishNa
Tatthvam despaired , we are hopelessly lost in such efforts.
We shall therfore content ourselves with a celebration of
His avathAram as Devaki SuprajA and YasOdhA BhAgyam on
the upcoming SrIjayanthi day !

Sarvam KrishNArpaNam ,
SrImath Azhagiya Singar ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan 

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