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SrImathE ranga rAmAnuja mahA dEsikAya namaha
SrImathE ranganAtha mahA dEsikAya namaha
SrI ranganAtha Divya maNi pAdhukAbhyAm namaha

Dear Bhagavathas,

This is the Continuation of Posting on Life History of
Srimath Thembarai Andavan. This is the fifth and the
last Volume in the series. 

Sri Kannan swami at that time was very popular through
out the country for his outstanding upanyasams. Kannan
swami known for his lowkika and administrative skills
took care of Asramam administration in an able manner
as Srikaryam and made a lot of improvements in
carrying out its administrative day-to-day activities.
Srimath Andavan was very pleased with the developments
and witnessed the enormous strides, the asramam was
making in its growth. 

As per the holy order of His Holiness, a monthly
magazine called 'Sri Ranganatha Paduka' was started in
the year 1955 in the month of October ( Manmatha
Varusham in the month of Ippasi) to bring a connection
between the asramam and the andavan sishyas. A
condensed version of Sri bhashyam titled 'Adhikarana
tharpanam' was published in the year 1959. Srimath
PeriAndavan's 160th thirunakshatra mahotsavam was
celebrated in a grand manner in the year 1961 that
included ubhaya veda patanam and sadas. A grantham
titled 'Bhagavath Aradhana kramAnu bhandham' was also
published on the occasion. In order to remove the
obstacles that were to be caused by the union of eight
planets at that time, a grand shanthi homam was
conducted as per vedic rites. 

It was Srimath Andavan's wish that the bhagavathas
belonging to our sampradaya indulge in anushtanams
from their younger days, learning divya sukthis and
our siddhanta to a large extent and hence would
encourage His sishyas to bring up their children that
way. Srimath Andavan would bless sishyas to recite the
appropriate slokams in paduka sahasram to ward off
their sufferings. 

Adorning of Thirunadu

Srimath Thembarai Andavan became weaker as the days
passed by due to rigorous anushtanams, meagre intake
of food and also due to breathing related health
issues. Srimath Andavan was eager to appoint the right
person to succeed him as AchArya of the Asramam.
Srimath Andavan found Sri U.Ve. Kannan swAmi( who was
serving as Srikaryam of the Asramam at that time)to be
to be right person he was looking for and hence
informed Sri U.Ve.Kannan swami of the same and prayed
Sri padukas for Sri kannan swami to give the consent.
Sri Kannan swami did not accept to take up sanyasam
but at the same time did not say no to it. In the
meantime Srimath Andavan became more weaker as the
days passed by. So His Holiness gave upadEsam on
?PrEsha manthram? and ?MOkshAsrama Ahnika AnushtAnam?
to three vidwAns of the Asramam - U.Ve. Sri. Kannan
swAmi, U.Ve. Sri. Mysore GopAlAchAr swAmi( who later
on became Srimath Mysore Andavan in the late 80s) and
Mannargudi GanapAdi vidwAn U.Ve. Sri. NarasimhAchArya
swAmi for them to be ready and take up sanyAsam any
time when called. 

In April 1963, Srimath Andavan?s health was extremely
affected and with great difficulty His Holiness was
performing his nithya karma anushtAnam. One day, His
Holiness it seems told the sishyAs around Him that
?Yesterday I almost went to virajA Nadi but had to
come back to bhoolOkam upon emperumAn?s orders only to
nominate the successor for the AchArya peetam of this
Asramam. This Kannan hasn?t come yet?. 

A couple of days earlier, Sri. Kannan swAmi?s son,
Sri. GOpAlan told his father that he had dreamt about
Srimath Thembarai Andavan telling him that He had gone
to virajA nadi and come back and asked him to send his
father immediately and take up sanyAsam. GopAlan also
told his father that he would take care of his mother
(swAmi's dharma pathni) and asked him to proceed to

On April 4th 1963, Srimath Andavan's condition became
worse and most of the sishyAs were informed. Sree
kAryam Sri. U.Ve. kannan swAmi was also informed of
Srimath Andavan?s health and immediately thereafter
rushed up to Srirangam. On His arrival, arrangements
were speeded up for Sri kannan swAmi's thureeyAsrama

Early morning the next day i.e. on 5th april, 1963
(Friday, sukla dwAdasi, makam star), in the presence
of sishyAs, His Holiness Srimath Thembarai Andavan
ordained the ascetic order to Sri U.Ve. Kannan SwAmi
who was named as Srimath vEdAnta rAmAnuja mahA
dEsikan. His holiness appointed Him as ?Ubhaya VEdanta
grantha updEsAthi sampradAya samrakshana doorvahar?.
Srimath Thembarai Andavan felt extremely glad that he
was able to fulfill his avadhAra kAryam and within few
hours on the same day (April 5th 1963) he left for
Thirunadu leaving behind grieving sishyAs. 

Brindavana prathishta was done for Srimath Thembarai
Andavan in ChinnAsramam to the left of brindavanam of
Srimath Akkur Andavan. In the year 1967 ( Parabhava
varusham in the month of Masi on the 10th instant on
an auspicious wednesday, pushya nakshatram and
thrayodasi thithi between 9 AM and 10:30 AM) divya
mangala vigraha prathishta and maha samprokshanam was
celebrated in a grand manner. Srimath
Paramahamsethyathi Vinnarrangarai Andavan of Srimath
Poundareekapuram Andavan Asramam graced the occasion
where hundreds of bhagavathas participated and got the
blessings of Srimath Thembarai Andavan.

let us pray to the divya mangala vigraha of Srimath
Andavan and His Holiness's pAdukAs to bless us all and
guide us to lead the life in the most righteous way.

AdiyEn would conclude this posting with Srimath
Thembarai Andavan?s thanian and pray to Srimath
Andavan's pAdukAs to get His FULL BLESSINGS.

Srimath VEdha vathamsa lakshmana munehe praapthaaga
maantha dvayam
ThEna Sri raghu punga vangri yugaLe nyasthaathma
Srimath Srinidhi yogivarya karuna labdaabhja
Vande shaanthi virakhthi poornamanagham Sri ranga
naatham Gurum

Srimath Thembarai Andavan divya charitham samAptham ||
Srimath Andavan Thiruvadi,
Venkat Sreenivasan

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