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Dear SrI Anand:

For the SampradhAyic intrepretation ,
the publications of Dr.V.N.Vedantha Desikan 
Swamy on AzhwAr ThiruvuLLam ( Swamy NammAzhwAr's
ThiruvAimozhi : Two volumes) and the other two volumes 
on IyaRppA are the best . UtthamUr Swamy's
commentaries on the Dhivya prabhandhams are also
classics from the SampradhAyic view point .

I will be happy to provide the addresses , where 
you can purchase them in Chennai , if needed.

The upcoming release of the First Volume of 
AzhwAr's Vaibhavam THIS MONTH will contain the recitation of
7 AzhwAr's entire paasurams in the manner in which
the Melkote Dhivya prabahndha GhOshti recites 
going back to AchArya RaamAnujA's time . The life 
and the dhivya desams visited by the AzhwArs are there
with excellent graphics and English text in the Interactive 
Multimedia format .Sanskrit/Tamil Taniyans and 
the Paasurams recitation form the studio
recorded audio content .The 7 AzhwArs covered 
in this First Volume are:

The Three Mudhal AzhwArs , PeriyAzhwAr , ANDAL ,
ThoNDaradippodi , ThiruppANar .Their 1011 pasurams
are recorded in the audio format with breif notes
on their aruLiccheyalkaL .

That leaves us with the lives and works of 
Swamy NammAzhwAr , Madhura Kavi, KulasEkharar,
Kaliyan and Thirumazhisai . That content will be released
as Volumes II and III of the Lives and works of AzhwArs
during this Marghazhi Maasam/Vaikunta EkAdasi time frame .

NamO NaarAyaNa , 
Oppiliappan Koil V.Sadagopan 

At 04:31 AM 9/16/02 -0500, you wrote:
>I would like to know of publications on 4000 Divya prapandam with
>explanation/commentary according to Sri Vaishnava sampradayam.
>I already have a nice book from Lifco containing only the pasurams but no
>I came across 2 ads from Tamil magazines this week, here are the details :
>1) Title : 4000 Divya Prapandam with explanation
> Author : Dr. R. V. Kamalakannan PhD
> 9 volumes - 4736 pages, Rs. 675 by VPP
>Publisher: Vardhamanan Publications,
>       15, Sarojini Street, T. Nagar,
>       Chennai - 600017, ph 435 0561
>2)Title : Sri Vaishnavism and Alwars
> ( sri mukam by Sri Sriperumbudur Jeer Swamy)
>Author: Nallan Chakravarthi R. Devarajan
>Rs. 350
>Publisher : Sri Senbaga Publications,
>       Old # 24, Krishna Street,
>       T. Nagar, Chennai 600017
>       ph 433 1510
>Not sure whether the above will be authentic. I am interested in the
>sampradaya meanings,Sri Alwars' bhakthi than the Tamil literal/grammar
>Can anyone suggest of any other good commentary works(if any by Sri Mukkur
>Swamy, Sri Krishna Premi, Dr. MAV swamy...etc)?


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