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SrimatE Raamaanujaaya Namaha //
SrimatE Nigamaanta Mahaa Desikaaya Namaha //
SrIman! SrI Ranga Sriyam anupadravam anudhinam Samvardhaya/
SrIman! SrI Ranga Sriyam anupadravam anudhinam Samvardhaya//
KAvEri VardhathAm kAlE, kAlE varshathu vAsava: /
SrI RanganAthO jayathu Sri Ranga Sri cha VardhathAm//
SRI RANGA SRI VOL.07 / ISSUE # 34 dated 12th January 2006
So far, 210 Regular issues of SRS have been released apart from Special 
27 Issues of Vol. 1
15 Issues of Vol. 2
42 Issues of Vol. 3
35 Issues of Vol. 4
28 Issues of Vol. 5
30 Issues of Vol. 6 and
33 Issues of Vol. 7
Tiruppavai 28 kaRavaigaL pin

kaRavaigaL pin senRu kaanam sErndhu uNbOm *
aRivu onRum illaadha aayk kulaththu * undhannaip
piRavi peRum thanaip puNNiyam yaam udaiyOm *
kuRai onRum illaadha gOvindhaa * undhannOdu
uRavEl namakku ingu ozhikka ozhiyaadhu *
aRiyaadha piLLaigaLOm anbinaal * undhannai
siRu pEr azhaiththanavum seeRi aruLaadhE *
iRaivaa! nee thaaraay paRaiyElOr embaavaay.

?       In this Paasuram, the gOpis set forth the qualifications for one who 
desires to attain mOksham through PrapaTTI.
?       Such a one should be unable to adopt any other means and have no goal 
other than Sriman NarayaNa.
?       They declare in no uncertain terms that they have these qualifications.

KaRavaigaL pin cenRu:  following the cows

?       ?Since we just go behind the cows, they are our only Achaaryas. If we 
these cows as Achaaryas, you can imagine what kind of knowledge we would 
have learned from them?
?       ?We did not even learn to milk the cows.  That is the duty of our men 
folk. We learned only how to eat the moment we reach the forest! We do not 
have time even to sit. We just start eating even as we walk being led by the 
cows. Where is the question of Tiruvaradhanam when we do not even have time 
to take showers??
?       The Tattva artham in anushTaanam here is that one should not eat or 
while standing or walking (as we do in buffet lunch or dinner). In fact, one 
should not drink even water while standing, let alone Coffee or Tea, (which 
were not even thought of in those days). That is why SishTas used to keep 
one foot on a wall nearby, (as a half-way measure?) if for any reason they 
could not drink in a sitting posture.
?       What do we eat? We eat the ?paryushita annam?, the rice cooked on the 
previous day and soaked in water (Pazhayadu) and with buttermilk.
?       The subtle point on anushTaanam in this is that while we can add rice 
water for making pazhayadu, the reverse practice of adding water to annam is 
considered ?nishiddham? (prohibited)
?       How does one get a qualified Achaarya? ?Eeswarasya cha sohardam, 
yadruchchaa sukritam tathaa?. It is by the grace of the Lord or by some 
accidentally done good deed.
?       Thus, going behind the cows may be taken as this ?yadruchchaa sukritam?.
?       What better Achaaryan could be there than KrishNa Himself who is the 
Universal Guru. ?KrishNam vandE Jagat gurum??
?       In Svapadesam: karavaigaL means Kaamya karmas.
?       In Svapadesam: A person without knowledge is equal to an animal.
?JnaanEna heenah pasubhih samaanah?

Kaanam sErndhu uNbOm having reached forest we will eat

?       ?What do we do after reaching the forest led by the cows?
We do not go there to do any penance. We just start eating whatever food we 
had brought from home?
?       It may be questioned how gOpis are said to have taken the cows for 
grazing. Is it not the duty of men folk? The answer is that no distinction 
is made based on sex but it is the practice of their clan (kula dharma).

aRivu   onRum   illaadha aay kulaththu: a cowherd community without any 

?       We do not have the chance to meet with or mingle with Achaaryas. 
Therefore, there is no question of our securing any knowledge much less 
?aatma jnaanam? that can lead to Karma yOgam, Jnaana yOgam etc.
?       ?Our clan (kulam) is totally ignorant of all these disciplines?
?       ?You may ask, if this were so, how we aspire to attain you?
?       ?We have, however, one single qualification, that more than makes good 
our deficiencies. We have you, the ?Dharma Svaroopi?

undhannai piRavi peRum thanai puNNiyam yam udaiyOm: we have good deeds to 
have your birth in our community

?       ?KrishNam dharmam sanaathanam? He is the verily the eternal Dharma and 
what is Dharma? It is that which sustains. By taking birth amidst us, it is 
incumbent on you to sustain us as you are the personification of Dharma.
?       We have this good fortune (puNNIyam Yaam uDaiyOm) of your being born in 
our midst.
?       We are the ones who have nurtured this puNNiyam.
?       The suggestion is that they were Sages in Rama avataara who were reborn 
with KrishNa as gOpis.
?       If we are coeval with you, it is not our mistake. You probably made the 
mistake of being born in our midst that makes it incumbent on you to take 
care of us!
?       puNNiyam yam udaiyOm:
-       We have puNNiyam?
-       What do we see in the world in this regard?

PuNNyasya phalam ichchanti puNNyam na kurvanti maanavah/
Paapasya phalam na ichchanti paapam kurvanti yatnatah//

We desire the fruits of puNNiyam but we never do anything to deserve it.
We do not like the effects of Paapam. Yet, we indulge in all paapams withy 
utmost effort. (yatnatah)

kuRai   onRum    illaadha govindhaa:    Oh! Govinda! Who is without any fault

?       May be, we are without merit. But, then, you are here totally blemish 
?       Even if we are not with you, you lose nothing but out of our utter 
helplessness, we come to you begging to be taken under your care.
?       While eating we are required to utter the name of gOvindan. We not only 
UTTER but we also SEE gOvindan with our physical eyes.
?       Bhagavaan had three deficiencies in Rama Avataara.
As KrishNa, he rectified those:
1.      As Rama, He killed Vaali, Indra?s son and coronated Sugreeva, son of 
Surya. In Krishna avataara, he got KarNa, son of Surya killed and installed 
Arjuna, son of Indra
2.      As Rama, He sent Hanumaan as a messenger, a job entrusted to a lowly 
person. As KrishNa, He himself went as PaaNDava thooda.
3.      As Rama, he was not as famous as Sita because it is ?Sitaayah Charitam 
mahat? and in Tamil ?Sirai irundavaL Etram?. As KrishNa, he was born in the 
prison cell.
Thus, KrsihNa removed all blemishes clinging to him from his previous 
So, now he is ?kurai onrum illaada gOvindan?

undhannOdu      your

uRavEl  namakku ingu     ozhikka ozhiyaadhu : Our  relationship cannot be 
by *either* of us

?       What is Uravu?
It is of nine kinds as between Paramaatma and Jeevaatma:
Pillai LokAchArya answers:
-       Parent - Child = Mata - Pita
-       Protector - Protected = Rakshakah - Rakshya
-       Master - Servant = Seshi - Sesha
-       Husband - Wife = Bhartru - Bhaaryaa
-       Knowledge - Knower = GnEya - Gnaatru
-       Possessor- possession = Swami - Swam
-       Life - Body = Atma - Sareera
-       Supporter- Supported = Adhaara - AadhEya
-       Enjoyer- Enjoyed = BhOkta - BhOghyam

Namakku: to us

?       This is a key word here. None can sever our relationship, not even you!
?       Our body-soul relationship of ?Sareera atma bhaavam? cannot be cut 
at any time by anybody.
?       The relationship with others in the world is accidental ?oupaadikam? 
on Kulam, Gotram etc. But, our mutual relationship with the Lord is 
unconditional  ?nirupaadikam? They imply that this will be so forever even 
in Paramapadam.
?       In Svapadesam: Bhagavaan may have his lack of a true devotee as when he 
?sa mahaatmaa sudurlabhah? But the devotees have no such handicaps since 
their relationship with the Achaarya is eternal and cannot be negated.

ARiyaadha piLLaigaLOm: We are ignorant, innocent children, girls

?       Like one who confides in the doctor one?s problems, they project their 
dOshams and ask for his pardon.
?       They already called him ?maalE? and ?maNivaNNa? You are the medicine 
you are the doctor for our ailment. (maNI mantra oushadam) KulasEkara Azhwar 
in Mukunda maalai brings this aspect very touchingly.

Anbinaal: out of love

Undhannai: you

?       Why instead of ?unnai?, they use the word ?unthannai??
?       It is because they had earlier called names while waking up his dear 
as pEyppeNNE, Paavai, piLLaai, NandagOpaala, kaliyE etc. They now realize 
that such name calling might rouse his ire, they crave his indulgence in 
forgiving them.

siRu pEr azhaiththanavum: We addressed you wit  nicknames, pet names 
(literally small names)

?       The name NarayaNa is siru-pEr when compared to gOvinda because the 
is made up of ?NaraaNaam ayanam? which means the resting place of all naras, 
including those who hate him. This, indeed, is a dOsham whereas the name 
gOvinda does not suffer from such infirmity.

seeRi aruLaadhE: do not get angry

?       When the Avataaram itself was meant to exhibit Bhagavaan?s 
it is inappropriate to call the Lord as NarayaNa instead of gOvinda, a name 
dear to him.
?       Therefore, they pray that he should not become angry on this score.
?       In Svapadesam: They might have considered him as a fellow human being 
would not have realized his Vaibhavam as a result of which they might have 
used names that were less than dignified.
?       ?Familiarity breeds contempt?
?       Why arulaadE? Even his anger is filled with grace.
?       We do not consider that you are protecting us because of OUR 
You do that out of YOUR natural disposition.

IRaivaa nee thaaraay     paRai : Oh! Lord! You grant us drum
?       karavaigaL pin senru kaanam serndu uNbOm: denotes the lack of good 
?       Arivonrum illatha: denotes lack of qualification of Jnaana yOgam (The 
suffixed is significant.
?       Aaykulam: KarpaNyam
?       Kurai onrum illaatha gOvinda: ?Eeswara guNa poorthi? Swamitva Sambandam 
(Again the suffix ?um? here is significant matching the earlier ?um?
?       UravEl namakku ingu Ozhikka ozhiyaadu: ?Apritak siddham? - 
of Jivan and Paramaatma, ?Nitya seshatva anusantaanam?
?       Siru pEr azhaithanavum: Praatikoolya varjanam
?       Seeri aruLaadhE: Begging pardon
?       Taaraai Parai: Goptrutva varaNam
To Continue

?We will eat out in the woods
Driving our cattle before us.
Our ignorant cowherd clan
To be so blessed
As to have you born amidst us!
Oh! Faultless one!
Oh! Govinda!
This, our relationship to you
Will never fade.
If we, foolish children
Out of love
Address you with familiarity
Do not arise in anger, Lord!
But grant us salvation!
Oh! MY Maidens!?
To Continue

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