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Brushwood Folklore Center
Sherman New York
July 4 - 6 1997

Approximately 8 1/2 hours of stage audio. IF YOU WANT TO TAPE IT, DO IT NOW - we'll be giving this page a hefty trim shortly.



LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_1.ram (7/4)

(Part of) Shit on Your Grave in the Fog and the Dew by The Rudy Schwartz Project - Convoy by C W McCaul - Stang reads SINISTER TV GUIDE LISTINGS - TheCharlie accussed of being A CONSPIRACY SPY! - DynaSoar discovers THE MIRACULOUS DOBBSHEAD BURGER! - Suzie the Floozie EATS THE BURGER & DOES NOT SWALLOW! - The Great Rev. Papa Joe Momma on the Ivangelical & Holocaustal branches of the Church - an appeal for the few and proud to join "The Angry White Men in Black".

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_2.ram (7/4)

DynaSoar summons Cardinal Synapses for two rides to Erie - Stang sends in his $30 AT LONG LAST and summons a cameraman - $t. &dreux summons beer - Stang rants a spell - Rant in praise of Lunatics - Legume & The Mannequin "Bob" - The assembled SubG universe IN SPONTANEOUS TONGUES - Rant on Job Slack & lapdances on Bob - QPM Anti-rant - Rev. Nickie on Bobaholics & the Pink Floyded - Col. Beauford G. Thaddeus Beauregard on the Confederate SubGenius Axis

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_3.ram (7/4)

Dynasoar drums up a ride to Erie PA - Papa Joe drums up a victim for Rev. Groovy G. - Jesus lists coming events - P-Lil on dick hanging & shock surfs - $t. &dreux on Binnie Franklin & Hate - A MIRACLE! - Spike Jonez manifests a dead field mouse under his bootheel AND SAVES THE EVENING'S HUMAN SACRIFICIAL VICTIM! - Rev. Stang on killing vs paying.

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_4.ram (7/4)

Thistle tries to pee on audience & pisses himself instead - Stang makes a green turd announcement - Legume's "I Have a Dream" Speech - Stang on "The Slack Man & the Pink Devil" - Suzie the Floozie rants!

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_5.ram (7/4)

JEHOVAH HATES PHRED EXTRAVAGANZA! - includes I'm Not a Nice Guy, Bob Down in the Saucero, Be at Peace in My Home, Get Along Little Prairie Squid, Take Me Off to Space, The Shortest Blues Song in the World, Legs of Fire, Herve Villechaize

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_6.ram (7/4)

Dr. DynaSoar - Parable of the Portable Probability - Rev. Shining Path of Least Resistance on keepin' the faith in Nippon - DAVID LYNCH ADMITS TO WEATHER CONTROL ACTIVITIES and promises 'No More Rain!' - Modemac rants & receives worship from assembled SubDeanies - Jesus on Legume's preparation for a holocaustal bonfire - PeeKitty rant on the Net, his wife & how to act superior

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_7.ram (7/4)

Papa Joe leads procession to the Holocaustal Branch bonfire - Incidental music by THE AWESOME X DAY DRILL BAND!!! (Bill T. Miller, DK Jones, DynaSoar, &dreux, B.J. & Strange) - Backstage cuttin' up with Miller, DK, Dynasoar, Wandarer & &dreux - Bill T. Miller & the Band - "X Day's A'comin'" - Steve Slack joins the Band & takes the lead with "Fuck It" - Legume thanx &dreux FOR HIS SLACKFULLY DONATED KEG O' BREW!

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_8.ram (7/4)

Steve Slack & The Band continue with "When You're Dead You're Saved" and "It's Crazy", followed by a jam.

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_9.ram (7/4)

Jam continues - Poetic rant by Myrkury - FREE OBE/KOF FROM BT MILLER - EVIL CLOWN MYRKURY - The other Jesus WAILS on Bass - Miller raffles, &dreux & DK play beer bottles w/BJ on synth - DynaSoar leads mantra - P-Lil joins in - Miller DEMANDS MONEY FOR THE CHURCH! - Rev. Nicke promises to eat money! - P-Lil rants

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_10.ram (7/4)

Jam continues - Doors & Slack

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_11.ram (7/5)

Jesus opens with thanxgiving - DynaSoar arranges more rides - Legume on aerial ring fingers, marrying Dobbs & Jesus & blow jobs in dark rooms - BILL T. MILLER RULES WITH: X Day's A'Comin', You Rang? (w/Stang), Kill Bob! (Cut by power outtages - A MASTERPEICE LOST TO THE LINE RECORDINGS!!!!! If YOU have a complete copy, let us know!)

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_12.ram (7/5)

Papa Joe Mama in an AMAZING rant in praise of HATE ("A Hasty Hate Rehearsal") - DynaSoar leads the band looking AS STUNNING AS A DEVIL WITH A RED DRESS ON and DELIVERS TWO MORE MIRACLES - "White Rabbit" sung IN HIS ANIMA VOICE and a West Virginny folk rendition of "20th Century Shizoid Man"!

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_13.ram (7/5)

Jehovah Hates Phred PRESSES ON in a courageous battle against power outtages & performs THE FASTEST PERFORMANCE OF A BAND REPETOIRE IN HISTORY: Is There Any Slack Out There?, Pray for Bob (?), You Better Rant, Waiting (? - Cut), Steve Slack & The Band - Jesus makes time for power plug experiments

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_14.ram (7/5)

Steve Slack & The Band play on - Papa Joe, Stang & Friday Jones - "The Time Machine" - Groovy G on The Eastern Orthodox CotSG & the "Bullets for Legume" campaign - Suzie the Floozie on THE UNTHINKABLE: "What if X Day doesn't come?!" - Jesus $ave$ the masses while they throw their money onstage

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_15.ram (7/5)

Papa Joe: "Dictating to Dobbs" - Jesus worships DK & Wandarer - DK does A SIMULTANEOUS RANT & JANOR MUSIC XPERIMENT! - P-Lil rant on distances travelled & His/Her Majesty - P-Kitty rants on winning the war against the Pinks AND THEN KILLS THE PODIUM!

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_16.ram (7/5)

Dr. DynaSoar makes the audience the band and leads *THE BEST SG DEVIVAL ANTIMUSIC EVER RECORDED* in this climax to the X-Day Audio offerings, THE BLEEDING HEAD OF ARNOLD PALMER! - David Lynch RANTS!: "Shitloads of Slack" and "BOB WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE!" - Fireworks display & incidental antimusic - Jesus handles 7 AM arrangements - A well intentioned Rev Fellatio does TERRIBLE MICHAEL BOLTON IMPRESSION, then reads THE LONGEST ENEMIES LIST IN THE WORLD as THE CROWD REVOLTS! - Legume on 7 AM events

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_17.ram (7/5)

Rev. Strange on THE REAL LAST DAYS - QPM does it again when after delivering a rant in the Janor tradition, he tells audience to kill themselves & as they insist he show them how, Strange chokes him with an electrical cord

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_18.ram (7/6)

*THE X Day Drill* 7 AM - A collection for Someone Else's membership card - THE ASSASSINATION OF STANG - Papa Joe on "taking it in the ass for 'Bob'" - Modemac ThanxGiving - Papa Joe & Legume on Con movies in the years leading up to X Day - Legume's post-Rupture personal planet

LISTEN UP! X_Day_Drill_97_19.ram (7/6)

Legume on the evils of fornication with Pinks - Papa Joe leads a closing prayer - P-Lil reminds us that the time is now 0 BX!

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