Heaven's Gate IV: Milking the Cow Continues...
A Konformist Special

Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997

(See bottom for SubGenius response to Steve Jackson Games conspiracy theory -- this is critical to Church BIZ, since we just contracted withSteve Jackson Games to co-create a new SubGenius game based on their Illuminati game!)

"I see them victims of a hoax. There was villainy here." -- Villainous CIA brainwasher and official media "cult expert" Louis J. West

Coming Soon: The ABC TV movie that will tell the tale of what happened.

Here is more of DAWN's provocative theory about the event. Keep your eye on this version, there may be something to this.

Subj: Re: The Konformist: More than Cyberbunk here....
Date: Thu, Apr 3, 1997 9:24 PM EDT
From: (DAWN)

If you could do favor and let it be known in a few postings that we are holding on several things with this story and knew about Cyberpunk etc!

These silly smug little twits are starting to irk me. I do not know if I sent you prior post sent to a few about Cyberpunk and CC to Steve Jackson, but I hedged a little on name ie sounds like, etc.

I had known of other games ( there are some others also similar) when we sent it out.

In fact there is now so much smoke being laid down it is getting more interesting and I would rather wait till they finish w/bs.

I had 4 news reports in front of me the day we sent it and all still said 18-24. The real interesting story I may tell someday is attempts to screw with us by disinfo agents and govt and everybody but Santa Claus. I do not mean hackers I mean nasty serious connected people. We kicked over hornets nest, and I am still waiting for them all to come out!

Plus you will see today or tomorrow that we have been very busy.....


Keith Kovacs
*********************************************************** The following is an interchange on this theory.

From: (DAWN)

To: Patrick Crumhorn.

>The fat lady aint sung yet. There is another post you haven't received. We talked to Steve Jackson and were well aware that he also had program name and very similar circumstances w/raid etc. We are just waiting for all the dust to settle and media to finish digging hole on this one.

>And you were so sure, weren't you.....? ----------
>>From: Patrick Crumhorn <> To:
>>Subject: GURPS Cyberpunk conspiracy?
>>Date: Thursday, April 03, 1997 11:34 AM

>>Hi your Konformist!
>>Now to the bad news.
>>These DAWN folks credibility just dropped to less than zero on the basis of this posting.

>>>Subj: "39 Less Troublemakers to Worry About Chief" From:

>>As a long-time user of Illuminati Online (the online service started by Steve and Ken Jackson of Steve Jackson Games, the creators of the GURPS CYberpunk RPG referenced herein), I can assure you that the entire posting on this topic by DAWN is pure fabrication.

>>>It appears that these people were all members of a group that produced the game Cyberpunk. It so happens the FBI had raided this highly capable group of hackers and cryptography crackers not very long ago. After the raid the live interactive game they produced was put out of business. It was kind of hard to operate it after the FBI carted off all their equipment, and some game manuals that described "science fiction" technology in a way that was far too accurate for the comfort of certain agencies.

>>The firm, far from being "out of business," is still a very succesful producer of RPGs (role-playing games). The subsequent suit filed by the company against the Secret Service was a very public one,that in fact led to the founding of the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) as a vehicle for defending citizens against such governmental intrusions. A national precedent was set by the case, forbidding the gov't from confiscating equipment containing private email of people not specifically named in a warrant. Full documentation is available from the EFF web site at

>>>Why would the FBI be so phreaked about a game? For the government it was no game. They realized that the group was letting everybody see the deepest darkest secrets in regards to top secret high technology capabilities possessed by our government's intelligence agencies. The group had a reputation for being capable of cracking even the most guarded and protected of the military and government sites.

>>Nope, only one employee was involved in hacking/cracking (a member of the equally well (and self-) documented Legion of Doom. The Secret Service came looking for this fellow, and confiscated all the equipment of the company he happned to be employed by at the time. The comapny was not even involved in computers at the time, except for running a BBS for RPG gamers, and of course, using them to create the *print-based* GURPS Cyberpunk game.

>>>According to someone who was familiar with and played the live interactive game, it continually grew in complexity over time as it was marketed. The creators kept adding so many strange new weapons, devices, implants, etc., that it finally became necessary to reference the manual just to understand what they were talking about.

>>Yep, that's how popular RPG's work. See the hundreds of manuals for TSR's "Dungeons and Dragons" for an example.

>>>Few ever realized that the game manual described real technology actually being mass produced and stockpiled by our government. Cyberpunk was on the money and not the science fiction that most players thought it was. The game manual actually used the correct names and descriptions of super advanced and supposedly super secret technology.

>>Well, you can buy a copy of the game manual at any specialty hobby store, or order it directly from Steve Jackson Games, and draw your own conclusions.

>>>Displaying that good old American spirit of ingenuity at turning adversity into opportunity, we are told that some brilliant person in Washington DC has promoted using this incident to further the efforts to restrict our Constitutional rights. Do not be surprised if Dianne Feinstein proposes legislation to protect families from the "menace of cults that can invade the home" and drive people to commit suicide or even murder their own parents.

>>Well, this is hardly surprising. Pat Robertson claims "Dungeons and Dragons" contains real occut secrets too, but as a 20-plus year practitioner of ritual magick (of the Crowleyan variety), I've yet to find anything in D&D that is much of a danger to anyone, unless you consider wrist injuries due to the throwing of dice to be a major societal threat.

>>>Be interesting to see how many column inches and for how long this one is played up.

>>It's been common knowledge on the Net for several years now. It seems only the DAWN folks missed it.

>>>I would really love to have a copy (or a copy of a copy) of one of the game manuals that was confiscated.

>>>Anybody know where to get one?

>>Steve Jackson Games
>>2700-A Metcalfe Road
>>Austin, TX 78741

>>>Don't get phreaked, just remember to keep spreading the word,

>>Yeah, like the Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe.

>>Feel free to publish theis response if you'd like.

>>Patrick Crumhorn
>>"There's definitely no logic to human behaviour."
>>- Bjork Gudmundsdottir, 1993
*********************************************************** And if you thought all this was bizarre, take a look at this...

From: RevCOAL
Subject: Web site ALTERED to hide MURDER!

I don't necessarily buy all of the following, but it raises some intriguing points....

Donna ;-)

Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 11:03:22 -0500 (EST) From:
Subject: Web site ALTERED to hide MURDER!

What's Hot! in...


This page features Featured articles

To get to the above UNDERGROUND featured article click on banner above...

I am looking for any information on the below, as well as the original text of "Our Stand Against Sucide" that WAS at Heaven's Gate Website. --Don

Dateline 3/28/97

Heaven's Gate

Web site ALTERED to hide MURDER!

Written by J. P. Essene

As I wrote in my 3/27/97 article, this suicide story just doesn't sound right...

I and all the staff at What's HOT! have been unable to locate without getting a message that either A. the site has NO DNS REGISTRY or
B. Too many users are on line.

(Editor's Note: The company that is the server for, admits it has turned the site OFF! See CNN articles. Those who think they saw saw a mirror site not the original!)

However, I do have a beautiful INDEX of the complete site of www.heavensgate that lists such details as each page in the site and it's file size...

Beware... what you can now link to on the internt are MIRROR sites supplied by that good old tool of DC, the Washington Post and Path Finder which is owned by another monopoly TIME WARNER, that will LIE when ever the US government asks it to...

It was clear on the HOME PAGE of HEAVENS GATE, that this cult or group went out of it's way to state THEY WERE AGAINST SUICIDE...

The AGAINST SUICIDE PAGE, that is linked to by the home page on the MIRROR SITES, has DEFINITELY BEEN ALTERED...

The FILE SIZE of this one FILE, about the groups ANTI SUICIDE beliefs, which is now only accessible on the sites that are the MIRROR locations, DOESN'T MATCH the file size of the original page that was stored on that is LISTED on the known INDEXES of the real site...

(Editors note) You can do an idex check in a search engine such as Alta Vista by putting in Only the original sites pages come up and you will see the Against Suicide page. Download an Against Suicide page from a mirror site and then check it's file size with your browser... It doesn't match what is listed on the search engines indexes....

Talk about illusions with MIRRORS...

Remember, I told you PGP will play a part in this tragedy... That's the acronymn for Pretty Good Privacy, an encryption algorithm that the Heavens Gate group was promoting for free on their home page that is also now UNAVAILABLE at the ORIGINAL SITE and most of the MIRROR SITES we have checked...

In some writings of the group that I have seen, they wrote of being HARMED by the US government and others who CONTROL this planet...

Another possibility is that, because of the position we take in our information, we could find so much disfavor with the powers that control this world that there could be attempts to incarcerate us or to subject us to some sort of psychological or physical torture (such as occurred at both Ruby Ridge and Waco).

Their HOME PAGE says they are AGAINST SUICIDE...

Their writings WARN they are IN DANGER because of INFORMATION they put into the public domain (PGP)...

The link to the explanation of how they ARE AGAINST SUICIDE, is a page that is recorded in the internet's indexes as being a smaller size than the page that is now accessible on the mirror sites...

The AGAINST SUICIDE page which is an ALTERED FILE makes no sense at all now, in that it says they are FOR SUICIDE...

Something is wrong with this SUICIDE... I SMELL MURDER...

That's why it TOOK OVER 3 DAYS for this group to be suffocated by those who didn't want PGP info in the public domain, and then to have the bodies injected with alcohol and drugs...

They were snuffed with plastic bags as they entered their house... Some were probably out of town and that's why it took so much time for the HIT...



The SUICIDE PAGE has been now altered...

The original isn't available...


The fight for FREEDOM IS ON...

E Mail J. P. Essene

This next link explains the groups connection to scientific algorithms for encryption and exposes a motive for MURDER!

Link to Algorithm ARTICLE!

The next link is a letter from an EXMEMBER of Heavens Gate who confirms that the group preached ANTI SUICIDE and states she thinks they were MURDERED!

Exactly what their leader said would happen!

Dateline 3/30/97

Heaven's Gate

Exmember of a cult group with an encryption algorithm connection names the NAMES of who could have wanted the group to killed!

Written by J. P. Essene

Below is an email letter we received from an exmember of a cult that confirms our previous articles about how this SUICIDE story just doesn't add up and that the group might have been killed because of an encryption algorithm that the US governent or individuals with power in the information industry doesn't want the public using...

We also have a link to another email letter from an exmember who states the group always preached ANTI SUICIDE messages. She believes they were killed!

If you like weird connections, how about a Cypherpunks-Heaven's Gate link? If you like really weird connections, how about a Cypherpunks- Heaven's Gate-Solar Temple link? If you like really, really weird connections, how about a Cypherpunks-Heaven's Gate-Solar Temple- Waco link? Lest you think I jest, let me explain that what I am about to tell you is fairly easy to verify and document, and is not based on vague allusions to some psychic vibrations from the comet, which seem to be rather commonplace lately.

In the early 1970's there was a small group in Canada, known as the Bartonian Metaphysical Society. The group was joined by an individual named C.J. Parker, who had just had his first experience of "the end of the world" as a member of Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God.

Parker became a teacher and leader in the group, which soon became the Institute for Applied Metaphysics, with metaphysical retreats in Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. There were often UFO reports surrounding the dates of their intensive seminars in Eastern Canada, which received press coverage, I believe.

Parker was involved, according to both himself and many others, in the founding of the New Covenant Club during his involvement with IAM. This was centered around the belief that the "old covenant" with God, which involved circumcision, had now been replaced with a "new covenant," which involved vasectomies.

Later, some of the Eastern leaders began indicating that if vasectomies were a good way of indicating one's dedication to spirituality in the end-times, then castration was even better.

Parker was soon involved in a second "end of the world" when Winifred Barton made her prediction in the mid-to-late 1970's. After her prediction appeared (to some) not to come true, then many left the group and quite a few migrated to other groups, including the Solar Temple.

Parker migrated to Texas, where he was involved in the music business, and in running clubs for mob interests. He managed clubs in Waco and Killeen, Texas, where he apparently became involved with David Koresh, although that might have been at a later date.

He was arrested and convicted in Bell County, Texas for assault on police officers there, sometime around 1980. Parker became a recording artist and soon afterward moved to Tucson, Arizona, where he continued to dabble in music and metaphysics, travelling across the SouthWestern U.S., as well as up and down the west coast.

He started a computer company in Tucson, called "Pearl Harbor Computers," which was based on the belief that computers were the work of Satan, that Bill Gates and Microsoft were tenacles of the Satan, and that those who wished to fight evil must dedicate themselves to promoting other operating systems, UNIX in particular.

Parker apparently fathered an organization called the "Circle of Eunuchs" that was dedicated to recruiting individuals who had the skills and the intelligence to develop systems and methodologies which could serve to work against what he saw as the plans of Satan to bring domination over the whole earth At various times, he has had vehicles registered in the states which were his main recruiting area: Texas, Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Oregon. (He also made limited recruiting trips to Germany, Poland, and, I believe, Russia.)

Parker spent time in California where he was in contact with Do, who shared his fetish for mixing computers and spirituality, and it was apparently Parker who introduced him to the concepts underlying the New Covenant Club.

Parker and Do also shared an affinity for mixing spirituality and alien theories, and decided that the Internet was going to be the battleground of the future in the fight between good and evil.

Parker was also involved with a group in Berkeley, California, Basis, Inc., which was heavily involved in a Unix time-sharing enterprise and gave Parker access to a wide variety of young students and programmers to introduce to his belief system. Parker named the evil protagonist in the manuscript after the login name for one of Basis' founders, "Gomez." Parker wrote the book under the pseudonym of "son of gomez," as Basis' Gomez was his mentor in the world of UNIX.

Parker was responsible for a manuscript titled "The Xenix Chainsaw Massacre" that contained a character, Bubba Rom Dos, which was loosely based on Do, including veiled references to his sexual inclination toward youngsters.

Among those in the Circle of Eunuchs, it was also referred to as Part I of "The True Story of the Internet," which they foresaw as the vehicle that would prove the manuscript prophetic.

Parker and his tenacles used the Internet to quietly spread the manuscript among those thought to be potential recruits, even as Do's group began making their impact on the Internet.

Parker believed that Phil Zimmerman's troubles were a result of his group using Zimmerman's PGP to spread the manuscript secretly across the Internet. He apparently impressed upon Do the need to use PGP to secure any communications which were of a nature that they could cause undue trouble for groups which were working against Satan and Gates.

Parker's second manuscript, Part II , began as "TV World" and later was changed to "WebWorld and the Mythical Circle of Eunuchs." This manuscript was apparently supposed to be converted to hypertext, with complete graphics, by Higher Source, and several chapters were in the works, but about a week before the El Rancho suicides, Parker was told that he should go ahead and release it in its present form, because Higher Source would not be in a position to complete the work.

Parker began converting the second manuscript to hypertext himself and has had members of his organization releasing it on the Cypherpunks list. Chapters of the manuscript have been released from various points in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Russia.

Although the manuscript had already been completed around a year before this, Parker, after receiving word to begin its release, began making _changes_ in the manuscript, apparently as a result of no longer having a need to so heavily disguise the connection between the Circle of Eunuchs and Do.

A prologue was written for "WebWorld," sent to the Cypherpunks list on March 18, 1997, in which the opening strains contained the quote, "Why didn't I _do_something?" The word "do" was in bold hypertext. Then, the next word in bold format was the word _me_, indicating that the first bold word should be pronounced as in the musical notes, do, re, me. The sentence containing the world _me_?

It was a reference to Do soon being 'picked up,' "This time, they are coming for _me_." And the new opening sentence of the manuscript? A veiled reference to the fact that those left behind had been warned of their last chance to 'escape' the fate that awaits them. "The great tragedy of it, is that it didn't have to happen. Not at all... we were warned."

The URL's of the manuscripts are:

They are apparently hosted by David E. Smith <> I don't believe that he is a member of Parker's inner circle, although he does have many connections to hackers and phreaks in the Edmonton, Alberta area. Except for the prologue, the sections of the original manuscript seem to be in small print, with the newly written sections in large print.

The new sections appear to use the Cypherpunks as analogous to the space aliens, and a new character, Jonathan, representing one of the Heaven's Gate members, is added. "He rode the river of tears once again, only this time the journey was _toward_ the CypherPunks, and toward freedom."

It is my understanding that the "Magic Circle" is quite active in both Western Canada and the Southwest U.S. They seem to be a very secretive organization with ties to a number of groups, including the Solar Temple cult in Quebec, and a Diamond System (?) Freudian-Sufi sect centered in the Bay area.

I dropped all involvement with these people a year or so ago, as I decided that involvement with them is unhealthy. I hope that you will make an effort to check out what I have told you, and perhaps expose any activities which could lead to more deaths and castrations. I don't want to be involved with anything further to do with them, as I am uneasy about being connected with them in any way, shape, or form, although I still keep track of their activities through certain members who are on the periphery of their organizations.

C.J. Parker is a nome-de-plume he took on as a musician, and I can't recall his real name, but it shouldn't be too difficult to find, given the fact that he has a criminal record in the U.S. which should link the pseudonym with his birth name. He also might be located by tracking him through his record releases, which were done in Canada, I believe.


Hmmm, Billy Gates, encryption algorithms, Unix, Internet, CONTROL OF INFORMATION, Solar Temple, Waco, Koresch...

Interesting to say the least...

As I wrote in earlier articles the AGAINST SUICIDE message is on the homepage of Heavens Gate it was a WARNING...

However, the page on the mirror sites reversing the groups position isn't an original page since I have indexes of the site and what size this page was BEFORE the MURDERS...

Believe the media or look a little deeper...

Here's a link to another email article from an exmember who says the group always preached ANTI SUICIDE!

LINK to exmember article

E Mail J. P. Essene
*********************************************************** Subj: ::: Paul Bennewitz and the Aviary ::: Date: Sat, Apr 5, 1997 6:28 PM EDT
From: (Blue Resonant Human)

::: Paul Bennewitz and the Aviary :::
- or -
Aviary + (Bennewitz * 39) = Heavens Gate?

[An Relatively Holy Excerpt from award-winning investigative journalist Howard Blum's 1990 icebreaker _Out There_]

-=[ Excerptus Caeruleus ]=-

"And for four years Bennewitz never suspected his friend of any sin worse than skepticism. Moore was the perfect spy. Why? That was the one question Moore kept asking himself as he, now an insider, observed the government's sustained campaign against Bennewitz. Why were Doty and the Falcon so intent on discrediting one solitary UFO crusader?
"...Moore had no doubts about the effectiveness of the government's disinformation program. Moore watched as Bennewitz was driven to the breaking point. As he was fed stories about evil and threatening grays, Bennewitz grew more emotional. He kept guns and knives hidden throughout his house. He had extra locks installed on his doors. He could not sleep. He turned his business over to his son. At lunch with Moore, Bennewitz, his hands shaking, his face as haggard as a skeleton's, told his friend that aliens were coming through his walls at night and injecting him with hideous chemicals. The chemicals knocked him out; he was very worried about what the aliens had done to him when he was unconscious. As he spoke, he smoked constantly. Moore, whose job was to be observant, counted each of the twenty- eight cigarettes Bennewitz had puffed in the course of the forty- five-minute meal. It was not long after that lunch that Bennewitz was hospitalized for exhaustion and fatigue. [...]
"He [Moore] suppressed all his natural emotions: his anger and revulsion at Bennewitz's torture, his impatience with the Falcon's capriciousness, his eagerness to run to the media for help and protection. He let everything well up inside. He held it back, a fair trade, he felt, for his chance to 'learn the truth.' [...]
"He called them, in deference to the Falcon, his first contact and his first stab at word code, 'the aviary.' He no longer had any doubts about their position, their power. [...]
"And Moore, how did he feel about his tacit complicity in the government's plot against Bennewitz? Did he feel ashamed by his silence? By his betrayal of his friend? He has yet to comment, and his reluctance is understandable. Instead, he preferred to describe his work with Doty as an 'opportunity,' his spying on Bennewitz as 'the price I had to pay.'
"Keeping secrets is a habit. It is the way officials -- spies, generals, and scientists -- are taught to behave. Because some explanations are not simple. All is never explained. Because now that we are at the end of a politics of global conflict, as men and states abandon their allegiances to failed ideological gods, all that is left for a great nation to protect and believe in is its tattered secrets."

-=[ End Excerptus Caeruleus ]=-

With the sun beginning to set, the humpback Manzano foothills would cast long, broad shadows across Coyote Canyon. The sky would slowly start to bleed, turning from a deep, brilliant desert blue to a pastel shade, a faded denim color streaked with an irradiating red, until, at last, it all settled easily into a soft zinc gray. And then the lights would appear. In these last moments before the New Mexico night began, coming from somewhere in the west near Kirtland Air Force Base, the strange craft, their running lights aglow, began their maneuvers. They would fly in a circling formation in the dusk sky above the Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility, and next fly south toward the Coyote Canyon test area. Every evening they came. Their arrival was as regular as the sunsets, and no less spectacular.

>From the deck of his house perched high in the Four Hills
section of Albuquerque, Paul Bennewitz had a perfect view. Night after night, he paced the deck, an eight-millimeter movie camera in his hand, as he, with considerable anxiety, recorded the erratic, hovering flight paths of these craft. At the same time, his tracking antennas would also be at work, sweeping in unison across the sky. With lumbering deliberativeness, the huge antennas automatically rotated toward the ships, vectoring in on their flight. They moved clockwise, their rotors loudly grinding, until contact was made. Then banks of ultra-sensitive receivers -- lovingly hand-crafted machines, the cherished brainchildren of Bennewitz's own ingenious designs -- would come alive. A steady, low-frequency electromagnetic beep...beep...beep would fill his workroom. [cf. the silly historical treatise _A Message From Our Space Brothers via Shortwave Radio (ca. 1954) by Adamsky's friend and carnival barker, occultist George Hunt Williamson at -B:.B:.] The signal came in modulated pulses, loud and clear and well-defined like the exultant opening chords of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. He never doubted those strange craft were sending a message.

Each night it was all recorded. There were over 2,600 feet of film. A locked filing cabinet held the tapes of months of encounters. These were Paul Bennewitz's clues and, after much painstaking analysis, his proof. They were the irrefutable cornerstones of his great discovery -- Project Beta.

The insights that culminated in Project Beta, Bennewitz's grand theory about UFOs, first surfaced under hypnotic regression. It was 1979 and Dr. Leo Sprinkle, a New Mexico psychologist, was challenged by the story a deeply troubled female patient had revealed under hypnosis. From the very depths of her subconscious, she had purged herself of a most remarkable tale. She had been abducted by aliens.

Dr. Sprinkle believed her, and he did not believe her. Filled, then, with a sense of concern and fascination, as well as skepticism, he decided to consult his friend Dr. Paul Bennewitz. It was his hope that Bennewitz, an accomplished physicist, a prodigious inventor, a man of science with a wizard's mind as well as a soft, sympathetic spot for all talk about UFOs, might be able to contribute some insightful analysis. Bennewitz was most definitely interested, and the woman was eager for whatever help he -- or anyone -- might offer. It was arranged that Bennewitz would be present during her hypnosis.

The sessions continued for three months. The woman would slip into a trance easily, her eyes nearly closed, her voice a low monotone; and then, under Dr. Sprinkle's prodding, more and more of her repressed encounter would come forth. Moments before her abduction, she recalled as the two men listened, she had witnessed a bizarre ritual. The aliens were killing cattle, draining the beasts of their blood. She saw it all. That was why they took her. They took her to their ship and she was forced to watch as the aliens did strange things, things she couldn't quite understand, things she still didn't quite recall, with the cattle and with the blood. And then they did things to her.

As Paul Bennewitz listened over the course of those months to the woman's agonized tale, he did not at first know what to make of it. But the more he mulled it over, he became convinced -- absolutely certain beyond a shadow of a doubt -- that she was telling the truth. No one, he felt, could be that good an actress. Her pain was genuine.

But there were still crucial pieces missing from her story. It was necessary, Bennewitz realized, his own fears building, to learn what the aliens had done to this poor woman. He urged Dr. Sprinkle on. The facts, however, were buried too deep, were too successfully repressed. Yet Bennewitz was unyielding. He was convinced those lost moments aboard the spacecraft were the keys to understanding the motives of the aliens. His task was apparent. What the victim couldn't remember, the rescuer -- and by now he saw himself in that role -- would discover. So piece by piece, part observation, part scientist's logic, part instinct, he over many months came to an understanding about what had happened. The aliens had surgically implanted mind- control devices in the woman's skull. They could see what she saw. They could hear what she heard. They could control her every move.

Bennewitz was terrified.

Still, goaded on by what was at stake, in a state of constant alert, he conceived Project Beta. His careful and documented monitoring of the alien ships flying over the New Mexico desert, and the messages they were sending to control their victims, began.

>From the start, rumors full of mystery and promise involving
Project Beta swirled through the tightly bonded communities of kindred thinkers who lived across the Southwest. And so, looking at subsequent events from this perspective, perhaps it was inevitable that Bill Moore's and Paul Bennewitz's paths should cross. Nevertheless, it wasn't until 1981, after Project Beta had been in operation for nearly two years, that a curious Moore, now a director at the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), a Tucson-based group of UFO investigators, drove east from Arizona to the scientist's home in Albuquerque. His assignment was to evaluate Bennewitz's findings.

Moore, who prided himself on his ability to size people up, found much to admire in the scientist. Bennewitz, mesmerizingly articulate, able to pepper any conversation with seemingly inexhaustible flourishes of esoteric information, had the confident manner of a man who had grown up being the smartest boy in the class. And yet there was also something disquieting about him. Moore found his intensity -- a trait many would agree Moore could analyze with considerable authority -- especially disconcerting. It was as if Bennewitz felt his role was to serve as one of history's not so silent witnesses; or, perhaps he even saw himself as a prophet, one of those high- minded souls whose nagging earnestness was meant to call lesser lives into question [you catchin' all this, Ed "Make a Dent in History" Dames? -B:.B:.]. Whatever it was, it rankled Moore. He preferred to take Bennewitz in small doses.

As for Project Beta, Moore viewed the footage of the hovering lights and listened to the tapes of recorded messages. It was undeniable that Bennewitz had seen and heard something; the films clearly depicted unusual lights maneuvering near the Sandia National Labs complex, a classified Department of Energy facility on the Kirtland base. And, just as certainly, Bennewitz's receivers had been monitoring odd low-frequency electronic signals. But Moore was not at all convinced that these "discoveries" had anything at all to do with UFOs. The strange craft might be, he reasoned, nothing more ominous than Air Force helicopters or perhaps even some sort of experimental plane. Similarly, Moore found it difficult to accept that the signals were alien radio transmissions. Bennewitz's highly touted computer-generated decoding program was based, as best Moore could tell, on the sort of shaky assumptions that would just as readily have translated the pulses of Morse code into an extraterrestrial monologue.

Moore returned to Arizona and announced to APRO that as far as he was concerned Bennewitz was a dedicated researcher who just didn't seem to have the emotional objectivity to sort, as he noted with deadpan candor, "the shit from the candy." Still, over the years Moore remained in touch with Bennewitz and the two men became friends; after all, they were involved in the same quest. And it was with a mixture of amusement and bewilderment that Moore watched as Project Beta evolved into an all-encompassing theory. What had started with some fragile conjectures about mind-controlling aliens had, Moore would state with a sigh, "blossomed into a tale which rivaled the wildest science fiction scenario anyone could possibly imagine."

According to Bennewitz -- and supported, he insisted with unshakable ferocity, by his research -- two opposing forces of aliens had invaded the United States. The white aliens wanted intergalactic brotherhood; they came to this planet in peace. However, the malevolent group, the grays, were in control. It was the grays who were responsible for the cattle mutilations, the human abductions, and the implanting of mind-control devices in humans. The government was not only aware of this, but had also negotiated a secret treaty with these invaders. The grays were granted the right to establish an underground base beneath Archuleta Peak near Dulce in northwestern New Mexico, and in return the military had received a shipment of extraterrestrial weapons. But then an atomic-powered alien spaceship crashed on Archuleta Peak. The grays suspected sabotage. And, Bennewitz was convinced after decoding radio transmissions, the treaty was about to be broken. The angry grays were preparing for nothing short of total war.

It was a theory that Bennewitz, in his own mind another Paul Revere, was devoted to circulating. He attempted to contact not just UFO researchers like Moore, but also congressmen, military commanders, members of the scientific establishment, and even the President. "Instead of withholding judgment until all of the facts were in, Paul insisted on repeatedly going off half- cocked to anyone who would listen," Moore complained. The way Moore saw it, Bennewitz was "his own worst enemy."

It would not be until months later, after Moore was recruited by the Falcon and given his assignment by Air Force Office of Special Investigations agent Richard Doty, that Moore would realize Bennewitz had a more formidable enemy -- the government of the United States.

Disinformation, as the Soviet term desinformatsiya was quickly anglicized by admiring Western intelligence agencies, is the propagation of false, incomplete, or misleading information to targeted individuals. But for a disinformation campaign to be truly successful, it must accomplish two related goals. One, the target must act on these new "facts." And two, the target must be irrevocably diverted from the more fruitful path he had previously been following.

For the past three years, since 1980, Bill Moore learned from AFOSI agent Doty, counterintelligence officers from a variety of agencies had been running a disinformation campaign against Paul Bennewitz. The purpose of the exercise -- or so Moore would remember being told by a gloating Doty -- was systematically to confuse, discourage, and discredit Bennewitz.

Their work had been remarkably successful. It was government agents, pretending to be friendly co-conspirators or using other, more convoluted covers, who had first passed on to a gullible Bennewitz "official" documents and stories detailing the secret treaty between the U.S. government and evil aliens, the existence of underground alien bases, the exchanges of technology, the wave of brain implants, and even the tale about the spaceship that had crashed into Archuleta Peak. These "facts" became the linchpins of his grand theory; and, fulfilling all the government's hopes, Project Beta -- the filming of airship maneuvers in the vicinity of nuclear bases and the monitoring of the unusual signals emanating from these craft -- had been now relegated to a secondary concern.

And now agent Doty wanted Moore to join the government's team. He assigned Moore to spy on Bennewitz. Moore's job was to report on a regular basis to Doty about the effectiveness of the government's disinformation campaign. Did Bennewitz still believe all the wild tales that had been passed on to him?

For four years Moore kept a careful watch on his friend. For four years he listened mutely as Bennewitz complained that his phone was tapped, that his office had been broken into. Moore, the dutiful recruit, even passed on to Bennewitz the "Aquarius Document," an actual classified AFOSI message that had been skillfully doctored -- by Doty? the Falcon? Moore never asked -- to prove that an alien invasion was at hand.

And for four years Bennewitz never suspected his friend of any sin worse than skepticism. Moore was the perfect spy.

Why? That was the one question Moore kept asking himself as he, now an insider, observed the government's sustained campaign against Bennewitz. Why were Doty and the Falcon so intent on discrediting one solitary UFO crusader?

The truth was never explained to Moore. He wondered if AFOSI had simply picked Bennewitz at random, that he was an unlucky target of an ongoing counterintelligence teaching exercise. Or, perhaps Bennewitz had actually been filming UFOs from his sun deck; the government's long cover-up was jeopardized and, therefore, Bennewitz -- and his film and tapes -- must be discredited at all costs. Or, equally plausible, it was possible that Project Beta had been monitoring a top-secret military training program, and a plan to discourage anyone else -- foreign spies as well as believers in UFOs -- from paying too much attention to these maneuvers was quickly conceived. Moore would never know.

But whatever the reasons behind it, Moore had no doubts about the effectiveness of the government's disinformation program. Moore watched as Bennewitz was driven to the breaking point. As he was fed stories about evil and threatening grays, Bennewitz grew more emotional. He kept guns and knives hidden throughout his house. He had extra locks installed on his doors. He could not sleep. He turned his business over to his son. At lunch with Moore, Bennewitz, his hands shaking, his face as haggard as a skeleton's, told his friend that aliens were coming through his walls at night and injecting him with hideous chemicals. The chemicals knocked him out; he was very worried about what the aliens had done to him when he was unconscious. As he spoke, he smoked constantly. Moore, whose job was to be observant, counted each of the twenty-eight cigarettes Bennewitz had puffed in the course of the forty-five-minute meal. It was not long after that lunch that Bennewitz was hospitalized for exhaustion and fatigue.

And Moore, how did he feel about his tacit complicity in the government's plot against Bennewitz? Did he feel ashamed by his silence? By his betrayal of his friend?

He has yet to comment, and his reluctance is understandable. Instead, he preferred to describe his work with Doty as an " opportunity," his spying on Bennewitz as "the price I had to pay." And, if one looked at it in such hard, pragmatic terms, it was a moment of high achievement. Moore had penetrated a cadre of top-level U.S. intelligence agents who were involved with UFOs. His course was set: "I would play the disinformation game, get my hands dirty just often enough to lead those directing the process into believing that I was doing exactly what they wanted me to do, and all the while continue to burrow my way into the matrix so as to learn as much as possible about who was directing it and why."
He called them, in deference to the Falcon, his first contact and his first stab at word code, "the aviary." He no longer had any doubts about their position, their power. - - - - -
Another fine post by:

Blue Resonant Human, Ph.D.
*********************************************************** Subj: Heaven's Gate, part one minus
Date: Sat, Apr 5, 1997 4:25 PM EDT
From: (Kenn Thomas) -------------------------------
The Heaven's Gate group did indeed make another media flash in 1975. Twenty members from Oregon disappeared for a while to a secret UFO landing site in Colorado. When the saucer didn't show, the group moved to Nebraska. The connection to the Bay Area, as well as the group's movements through Texas and New Mexico and back to San Diego, certainly should be subject to further research, as Lisa Pease suggests. Steamshovel Press makes a small file of newsclips on the 1975 incident available for $5. The back issue Steamshovel Press #9 from 1993, which includes a page and a half Heaven's Gate rant ad, is available for $10. Below is one news report from 1975:

The Vancouver Sun, Monday, October 6, 1975

'Outer Space Man' Talks 20 Into UFO Trip: 'Goodbye Ma, I'm Off To A Better World'

Waldport, Ore. (AP) -- Authorities are investigating reports that about 20 persons have sold their property and left the area since a meeting last month with a man who claimed to be born from outer space.
Police detective Ron Sutton said Sunday he has receieved reports of one man selling his $5000 fishing boat for five dollars and a new van that was given away.
"One hippie is said to have given away his guitar," said Sutton. "To him, that meant everything."
About 300 opersons attended the meeting Sept. 14 at a motel in this coastal hamlet of 800 persons.
George Thompson, manager of the Bayshore Inn, said he was paid $50 for the use of the meeting room, but knew little about the renter.
"The guy didn't look like a Martian to me," Thompson said. The message at the meeting, authorities said, was that some time in the next 10 years, people from earth would be taken to another world and a better life. Before they went, they would have to sell their worldly goods and discard their personal relationships.
People at the meeting were told there was a camp in Colorado that would prepare them for departure in a UFO.
One woman, whose son had left, got a card with a Fruita, Colo., postmark, saying, in effect, that he was ready to leave and she would not hear from him again.
State police spokesman Mel Gibson said one man gave away 150 acres, all his farm equipment and three children. The children and land were given to friends.
He said there is no evidence of fraud and that recipients of the items apparently have no relationship to the people who called the meeting.
Gibson said there was a second meeting held shortly after the first one for those who wanted more information. It was held in Eugene, Ore.
"It's strange, it's gol dang strange," Gibson said. "I've been around here for about 20 years, but I've never come across anything like this."

KT's note: The actor Mel Gibson has a movie called Conspiracy Theory scheduled to be released this month. It's gol dang strange.

--Kenn Thomas, Steamshovel Press
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St. Louis, MO 63121


Date: Fri, 11 Apr 1997

To: "Rev. Ivan Stang" <i.stang>
From: Bevilacqua <slack>
Subject: Re: Heaven's Gate IV

Actually you and I both know that this is close to the truth. But they forgot to mention that after the FBI busted SJ Games, they replaced Steve with an agent altered to look just like him. They allowed this agent to win a mock court case in order to make the general public think all was well with "the system". The game continued to be produced, altered dramatically from the original. All of the Governments real secrets were removed, replaced by disinformation and bizzarre kookery in order to hide the truth.

Luckily, The Church of the SubGenius, under the cover of its "joke" religion, was able to see through the conspiracy, and was able years later to locate the real Steve Jackson. As bizzare as it sounds, Steve Jackson must have been subjected to the most complicated forms of brain washing. We suspected a combination of LSD, ELF, and hypnosis. When we found him, he believed he was just an employee of a small gameing store called the Gamers Keep -- a front set up for the very purpose of watching Mr. Jackson. He was so delusioned he even held INWO tournaments without realizing he was the very designer of the game.

In what turned out to be easier than one would expect, the false Jackson was "dealt" with, and his body was left in the alley behind "the keep" . Believing their subject dead from natural causes, the front folded up. The real Steve Jackson was deprogrammed and returned as leader of Steve Jackson Games, and no one was the wiser.

But let's just say Steve Jackson is not pleased; he vows revenge against the Conspiracy, and is now publishing the "game" to end all "games," THE INWO SUBGENIUS. Jackson will expose every new weapon, tool, and secret of the Conspiracy. He plans to hide it a little more deeply this time. But I'd buy as many of the copies of this game as possible before They figure out what has happened, if I were you (and I just might be).

Rev. J.C. "Steve" Bevilacqua
Business Manager, Sleazy Promoter
The SubGenius Foundation, Inc.
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