CEDROS Network

CEDROS Network

Network for Cooperation in Studies and Development of Dental Resources for the Health Sector
Red para Cooperación en Estudios e Desarrollo de Recursos Odontológicos para el Sector Salud (en español)
Rede para Cooperação em Estudos e Desenvolvimento de Recursos Odontológico para o Setor Saúde (em português)
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What is CEDROS Network?

CEDROS is an acronym in Portuguese (Rede para Cooperação em Estudos e Desenvolvimento de Recursos Odontológico para o Setor Saúde) for Cooperation in Studies and Development of Dental Resources to the Health Sector The network consists of individuals in institutions or in private dental practice that work together toward the solution of problems concerned with the oral health of the Latin America population. The Network was created in 1990, with the financial support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Its executive secretariat is located in the World Health Collaborating Center for Research and Promotion of Oral Health of the Dental School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.


The CEDROS Network has ambitious goals. It intends to be a link in the dental profession, which is represented by councils, associations, dental services delivery, and academic institutions dedicated to education and research. It also intends to be a link connecting Brazil and other Latin American countries, with the small planet we live in. Finally, it hopes to stimulate and facilitate projects involving university, public sector and private institutions.

Network's Newsletters

It is CEDROS' goal to be a medium of exchange of the knowledge and experience supplied by individuals, institutions and projects related to Oral Health in Latin America both at the national and international level. The newsletter is in its sixth edition and has an average of 2,000 copies distributed in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish, and English. If you have articles or papers that are pertain to Oral Health in Latin America or the Carribean please submit them for publication or republication. Articles and papers previously unpublished will be peer reviewd and reviewer's comments will be sent back to the first author.

Project CC-ODONT

The Project CC- ODONTis a joint project been developed by the CEDROS Network, the University Center for Interactive Video - University of Lund, Sweden and the Oral Health Unit of the World Health Organization. The project focuses on computer network based global communication among collaborating centers in dentistry. The participants exchange experience and data on oral health through email based conferences and other eletronic information systems. This network is oriented towards peer to peer collaboration. It is envisioned that these electronic fourms will contribute to laying the foundation for a worldwide electronic curriculum.

How to Join the Network

CEDROS is an open network and the only requirement to join it is doing effective work in the development and research in one of the CEDROS' priority work areas which contribute to the improvement of the Latin Americapopulation's oral health.

How to Reach the Network

The network can be reached at:

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